Hooligans Irish Pub Rolls On with Autumn Dining Specials

Put in Bay PubHooligans Irish Pub is anxious to serve up a heaping plate of Irish hospitality. The lively staff brings the fundamental style of a public house to Put-in-Bay. An exciting and distinguished bar combines the pleasure of a refreshing pint with traditional Irish atmosphere. Walk in to feel the inspiration drawn from the magic of the Emerald Isle and enjoy some bia sobhlasta (delicious food) Thursday, 6 September!Hooligans Irish Pub

hooligan (n.)

1890s, of unknown origin, according to Old English Dictionary, first found in British newspaper police-court reports in the summer of 1898, almost certainly from the variant form of the Irish surname Houlihan, which figured as a characteristic comic Irish name in music hall songs and newspapers of the 1880s and 1890s.  [etymonline.com]