Miller Boat Line Releases First View of M/V Mary Ann Market

Miller Boat Line’s new ferry, M/V Mary Ann Market, is depicted below through computer-aided graphic design!

M/V Mary Ann MarketThe new 140 foot long, 38.5 foot wide ferry will accommodate 26 standard sized vehicles or 600 passengers.  It will join Miller’s present fleet of four passenger/vehicle ferries. Miller Ferries operate between the peninsula of Catawba to Put-in-Bay (South Bass Island), and also to Middle Bass Island, Ohio.  Both islands are popular Lake Erie resorts.  The M/V (Motor Vessel) Mary Ann Market will feature enhanced propulsion and maneuverability, a main deck ADA accessible passenger cabin and restroom, and a 20% increase in cargo capacity over Miller’s largest vessel.  Miller Boat Line expects delivery in the fall of 2019.