Pre-Paid Fuel Program Available at Put-in-Bay

Erie Islands PetroleumPit Stop on Put in BayErie Islands Petroleum, Inc., will supply everyone with their winter energy needs, as in the past.  On average, Put-in-Bay requires nearly 60,000 gallons of gasoline and over 70,000 gallons of heating oil and diesel fuels in stock to make it through the winter.  The Pre-Paid Fuel Program provides customers the gasoline, diesel fuel, and heating oil they anticipate using during the roughly twenty-two weeks that comprise a hard winter.

Erie Islands Petroleum, Inc., suggests adding an extra margin of gasoline to compensate for warming your car, spinning tires in freezing temperatures, and leaving the car running during errands.  The current price for regular gasoline is $3.99.  Non-pre-paid customers cannot be guaranteed an uninterrupted supply of fuels, nor will they be guaranteed a fixed price.  All pre-bought fuels will be very strictly kept in only pre-bought storage.

The prepaid gas card can be purchased through 31 October 2018 at Erie Islands Petroleum, Inc., aka the Pit Stop.  For additional information, contact Gary Kowalski at 419.341-9656.

pre-paid fuel program