Family Artistry Hands Off to Next Generation

RodneySandcarving Karr was on the hunt for a new hobby in 2001.  After an extensive search he discovered sandcarving. He enjoyed discovering new ways of carving and creating many designs to put on a materials such as rock and glass.  It was a long process finding out what worked and what didn’t, but he enjoyed the process.  Eventually this hobby turned into more with people and businesses coming to him year after year with projects. Now the time has come for him to pass the torch to his oldest daughter Mysti.

Mystique Duff is the proud owner of Karrvings on Put-in-Bay. Mysti assisted her father throughout the years with various projects and fell in love Sandcarvingwith the process.  She learned and excelled in the use of design programs at Put-in-Bay High School, and she continued education at both Terra State Community College and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online.  Mysti’s goal is to provide amazing customer service and stunning art in a timely manner.

SandcarvingSome may be asking at this point, “What is sandcarving?” Another name that others are more familiar with would be sandblasting.  Mysti avoids using this term for one reason:  sand blasters are most often used to remove paint and rust from metal. This is not what her system is designed to do.  Mysti put words and images on glass, stone, and wood. Below are a few examples.

SandcarvingMystique will operate the business from home at this time; there will be no store.  She is happy to answer questions over the phone by calling or texting at (419) 967-1392.  Interested customers can send email to mystiqueduff “at” A meeting can be set up with advance notice.  Any calls, texts, and emails received after 6pm will be answered as soon as possible, but definitely will be returned the next business day.  Mysti is excited to be the next in line to run the family business and she looks forward to working with all of you soon!