Put-in-Bay Garden Club Goes “Hands On!”

Garden Club Put in BayHello Gardeners!

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, May 14 & Wednesday, May 15 @ 9:00 am  –  Lamppost Flower Planting in DeRivera Park  Bring gloves and garden tools.  Your help is appreciated.

Thursday, May 23 @ 4:30 pm  –  Perennials:  Dividing and Transferring at PIBYC  See important information from GC President Barb Hunter below.

Put in Bay landscapingThursday, June 13 @ 4:30 pm  –  Plant Exchange at PIBYC

The first 2019 PIB Garden Club meeting will be Thursday May 23rd at 4:30pm.  We will meet at PIBYC and, weather permitting, we will venture down to DeRivera Park for “hands on” Perennials: Dividing and TransferringWe will review the following tips during the May 23rd meeting. The Thursday June 13th meeting will be a Plant Exchange at PIBYC.

Tips for preparing your plants:

So that your plants will look their best for the exchange, start digging and dividing as soon as possible. This will allow them to fill out in their pots and be full and lush.. If you wait too late, they may look wilted and unattractive.

Tips for preparing your plants:

– Dig: Choose a cool, cloudy day if possible. Plants may be taken whole or as divisions.

– Divide: If you are dividing a clump, place it on a tarp and use two shovels or a sharp utensil (saw, knife) to cut it apart. Discard the usually waning center section and pot up and/or replant the rest.

– Pot up: Place the plant in a pot at the same level in a pot as it was when in the ground. Fill in with moist soil, and Water well.  Keep in a partly shady location until the June 13th meeting.

– Label each plant with as much detail as possible.  Tip: Don’t affix labels until just before delivery to the meeting so that watering and rain don’t make the labels fall off, get soggy or smudged.