Erie Islands Browns Backers Ready to Rumble

Browns BackersLocations have been set for the September and October Erie Islands Browns Backers gatherings!

The club starts the season at their headquarters, Topsy Turvey’s, on 8 September 2019, at 1pm to watch the Browns play the Titans.

On 16 September, the meeting moves to the Fishbowl at 8:15pm for the Browns vs. Jets game.

Reel Bar hosts the gathering on 22 September at 8:20 for the game against the Rams.

Then off to the Round House on 29 September as the Browns take on Ravens at 1 pm.

Next is Joe’s Bar on 7 October, when the Browns play the 49ers at 8:15pm.

Action continues on 13 October at The Goat:  Browns vs. Settle Seahawks at 1 pm.

The “hopscotch” ends at Mr. Ed’s Bar on 27 October at 4:25pm when the Browns play the Patriots.

The rest of the season we will be Topsy Turvey’s.

Our annual meeting will be held in November; date to be determined.  Club Dues are still $20 per person and are due by November 1 in order to be a member in good standing and be able to vote at our annual meeting or receive prizes during games.