Browns Backers Kickoff Today

Browns BackersCleveland BrownsErie Islands Browns Backers gather on 8 September 2019 at 1pm to watch the Browns play the Titans.

16 September:  Fishbowl at 8:15pm for the Browns vs. Jets game.

22 September:  Reel Bar at 8:20pm for the game against the Rams.

9 September: Round House at 1pm as the Browns take on Ravens.

7 October:  Joe’s Bar at 8:15pm for Browns vs. 49ers.

13 October: The Goat at 1pm for Browns vs. Settle Seahawks.

27 October:  Mr. Ed’s Bar at 4:25pm for Browns vs. Patriots.

Topsy Turvey’s hosts the remaining games after 27 October.