Miller Ferry Response to Covid-19

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To Our Customers, Visitors, Employees, and Community:

These are unusual times that require strong actions. Our priorities focus on the health of our families, employees, residents, customers, and health of our small island communities. The islands are not a place to escape, nor a safe haven from events the world is experiencing. We are a community of senior citizens, families, and children who live here. Those returning from vacations and winter residences please refer to government recommendations about self-quarantine to help reduce the risk of exposure on the islands. Miller Boat Line will follow federal and state guidelines and mandates to help ensure everyone’s safety and well-being in this evolving situation. We ask everyone to take these events seriously and take ALL precautions recommended.

Many people will be returning to the islands after spending time at their winter homes and travels. Like everyone, we hope for a return to normalcy as smoothly as possible.

We recommend the following Guidelines:

  • If you board the ferry in a vehicle, please remain in the vehicle aboard the ferry.
  • Follow health precautions and limit interactions with others.
  • Practice safe handling of your tickets when passing to crew members.

We will update everyone as needed throughout this ongoing health situation. Updates will post on

Peace and health to everyone during these challenging times.

Miller Boat Line
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