Put-in-Bay Bathing Beach a Community Concern

Put in Bay beachRestoration plans related to the seawalls at Perry’s Monument raise concern.  Below is an open letter to the Put-in-Bay Community from  island resident Jody Frimel.  Also included is a sample petition letter which can be sent to the National Park Service if you are in agreement with Ms. Frimel’s objectives.

Put-in-Bay Daily™ publishes this to call attention to issues which affect both the historical narrative and environmental conditions on South Bass Island.

On July 29, 2020, I participated in a virtual Open House hosted by the National Park Service (NPS) regarding the proposed project to restore the North and South Seawalls at Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial.  During that meeting I learned that the proposed restoration, does not include any provisions to protect the Bathing Beach which has been adversely affected by the current South Seawall. The NPS is encouraging public participation throughout this planning process and welcomes suggestions, comments and concerns regarding the design until August 21, 2020.

NOW is the time we all need to be advocates for the Bathing Beach. This is our chance to make a difference so future generations will be able to enjoy the only sandy beach we have on this island.

I have personally written a letter to the NPS with supporting documentation from previous studies by engineering firms and consultants. The Village of PIB, as owners of the Bathing Beach, is also advocating for additional study and investigation before the final designs are made by the NPS and are also sending a letter to the NPS.

I have attached to this email, a letter asking for your signature in support of the NPS finding a workable solution that protects the monument property as well as the adjoining Bathing Beach property. I am asking that you copy this letter, sign it with your club affiliation and ask club members to support this cause by signing the letter.  Please send or hand deliver your letters to:

Superintendent Barbara Rowles

Attn: PEVI Seawall Project EA Scoping

P.O. Box 549

Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456


If you have any additional questions or want to see some of my documentation please feel free to contact me.  Thank You!

Jody Frimel / 440-320-6473

NPS petition letter 2020