Gale Winds and Steep Waves Burst Open Lake Erie

Gale winds and frothing waves create a wild and unruly appearance on Lake Erie this Sunday afternoon.  Gusts approaching 50mph are recorded at the Marblehead Buoy with steady wind flow at 20-30mph from the south and southwest.  The air temperature on South Bass Island hovers in the mid-forties, and the water temperature is 49.3ºF.  Dramatic images come from an afternoon drive to Miller Ferry, South Bass Island Lighthouse, South Bass Island State Park, and downtown Put-in-Bay.  Click any image for the enlarged view!

Lake spray fills air!

Miller Boat Line adjusted its schedule to one trip for each island.  For Put-in-Bay, the boat left Catawba Dock at 9:30 and returned from Lime Kiln Dock at 10am.  The Middle Bass Island run left at 9:15 and returned from Catawba at 10:15.  Updates are always available at

Shallow water under Miller Ferry