South Bass Island’s West Shore Ice Ramp Not Open Yet

Slippery slope to rough ice at West Shore Ice Ramp

The ice ramp at South Bass Island’s West Shore remains closed.  New ice forms each night the temperature hovers in the twenties; however, thickness remains a concern.  Should a good arctic blast arrive, or should we sustain several days of below-freezing temperatures, the situation may change.  As of noon today, no fishing shanties were located in the parking area.

National Weather Service–Cleveland     114 PM EST Thu Jan 28 2021

Temperatures are expected to remain in the lower to middle 20s today and Friday with lows tonight in the middle teens thanks to the cold pool to the northeast.  At this time surface temperatures are expected to warm enough to either see a very wet snow or a rain/snow mix by Sunday afternoon that would struggle to accumulate.  At this time a broad snowfall of around 1-4 inches inches seems likely across NW and North Central Ohio before the transition occurs.