Road Racing History Comes Alive at Put-in-Bay

Racing at the Put-in-Bay Airport in September!

For this year’s event race organizers have built on the enthusiasm for 2019’s “Tin-Top” celebration to invite drivers of vintage Volvos, VWs and Saabs to come share the fun as official featured marques. Also, the more-or-less annual Turner Reunion returns their event to “The Bay” as part of the featured marque group.  And finally, over the past year it seems the H-Modified crowd has caught wind of the goings-on at Put-in-Bay, so a contingent of Crosley/similarly- powered specials including several Berkeleys are expected to be on hand for the 2021 event.

As always, there will be the usual array of entrants racing in multiple classes in four groups plus exhibition. In addition to the on-track race entries there are also non-racing participant categories for Heritage Street Cars (qualified pre-’64 cars) and Guest Street Cars (generally post-’63 to ’72). The event is also the third leg of the 2019 “Great Lakes Vintage Challenge” whereby entrants in several production classes and in Formula Vee accumulate race-finishing points at the Waterford Hills Vintage Races, VSCDA’s Au Grattan event and at Put-in-Bay.

In addition to two full days of racing, the Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races event includes: tours of the original island course, several social events, a car show, rocker cover races, guest stories, and more. Spectating at the races and many of the other activities is open and free to the public.

For registration and more information visit: and feel free to click on the Facebook link to join us there where more than 1,400 enthusiasts keep current on all the latest Put-in-Bay Vintage Sports Car Races buzz.