National Park Service Approves Perry’s Victory Seawall Restoration

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial

Put-in-Bay, Ohio – The National Park Service has approved a project that will repair and replace the north and south side concrete seawalls at Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial (PEVI).  Years of wave action, ice loading and geological processes have deteriorated and undermined the two seawalls resulting in the creation of sink holes and other unsafe conditions. Both seawalls are also functionally necessary to protect the cultural resources of the park due to the proximity of Lake Erie and the relatively low elevation of the park.

“We are grateful for the tremendous community support and involvement in this process, as well as the support from other federal, state, and local agencies in completing this important step. We look forward to the start of this project to restore the north and south seawalls later this spring,” Superintendent Barbara Rowles said.

The Environmental Assessment (EA) for the project examined two alternatives in detail, addressed the environmental impacts of each alternative, and identified a preferred alternative. The Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) explains why the selected alternative will have no significant effects on the human environment, and is based on the EA, comments received from the public, interested parties, other federal, state and local agencies, as well as staff during the public review period which concluded December 31, 2020. The FONSI summarizes the public comments received, lists the responses to those comments, and identifies the changes to the text in the EA as a result of comments received.

Together the FONSI, the EA and the response to public comments represent the NPS’s approved action to restore the seawalls and to preserve and protect the site’s properties and cultural resources associated with Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. Project documents are available online at