Vandals Ruin Put-in-Bay StoryWalk®

Vandals, in recent weeks, made their mark on the beautiful StoryWalk® in Put-in-Bay Township Park District.  A $1,000 reward is offered for the arrest and prosecution of the vandals who destroyed property at the Dodge Woods Preserve..

An individual, or individuals, sawed through a 4” metal post and removed one of the StoryWalk® signs at the Dodge Woods Preserve.    The stand and frame were donated to the Erie Islands Library by the Put-in-Bay Post of the American Legion.  It appears someone tried to pull a second post from the ground and broke it off, leaving the sign behind on the ground. This stand and frame was donated by the Put-in-Bay Senior Center. Replacement cost for a stand and page frame is approximately $525.00.

All Park District Preserves and the parking lots of the Preserves are closed at night.  Anyone who sees activity at night in the preserves or in the parking lots of the Preserves are asked to call the Put-in-Bay Police (419) 285-3692.