Lake Erie Solo Challenge Not for Faint of Heart

Jack Tar, 4014 Tartan 40

Glass Pony, USA 25649 First 35

Shock & All, USA 42058 Shock 35

Cheeky, 433 Tartan 37c








Four intrepid sailors depart Put-in-Bay today to take part in The Lake Erie Solo Challenge.  Jeff Marshall aboard Jack Tar, Jason Huffman aboard Glass Pony, Russel Krock aboard Shock & All, and Jake Thomas aboard Cheeky.

Vessel tracking is available HERE!

The race begins 10am on Saturday, 14 August 2021, with a start off of North Cape Yacht Club near Monroe, Michigan.  The fleet proceeds past Pelee Island, Ontario, and eastward to a rounding of the Seneca Shoal Light near Buffalo, NY. Thence on to a finish off Presque Isle Harbor at Erie, Pennsylvania.

The Great Lakes Single-handed Society (GLSS) is the organizing authority of the 2021 Lake Erie Solo Challenge.  The course measures 312 statute miles, and in terms of comparison to the other GLSS Challenges, it ranks fourth behind the Trans Superior Solo, the Lake Ontario Solo Challenge, and the Chicago to Mackinac Island Solo Challenge. 

The Challenge is open to single-hulled, selfrighting boats with permanent cruising accommodations, or
multi-hull boats with permanent cruising accommodations. Cruising accommodations consist of a marine toilet legal for Great Lake waters, a permanently installed bunk, and galley facilities.

Skippers are required to attempt to make radio contact with other skippers on VHF channel #72 every six (6) hours beginning at 2pm (1400hours) on the day of the Challenge start. Channel #72 is to be monitored for 30 minutes at the appropriate times. Radio contact with other skippers is to be logged noting time, position, and other pertinent information. This Radio Log will be made available at the skippers meeting, and is to be turned in at the finish. Skippers are required to maintain a boat’s log noting position and conditions with entries recommended at least every three (3) hours.