Miller Boat Line Releases Bash-on-the-Bay Travel Information

Bash on the BayCaptain Billy Market, Miller Boat Line, offers information/suggestions/guidelines for consideration when planning to visit Put-in-Bay during the week of Bash-on-the-Bay:


  • As expected, it will be extremely busy all week! Plan ahead and give yourself extra time.
  • The last trip leaving the island for passengers will be 1am on the nights of the concerts. We will have a ferry departing the island every 20 minute from 9pm-1am.
  • Vehicle traffic will be limited/restricted on the days of the concerts in order to accommodate passengers. Do NOT bring your vehicle to the island if you do not need it.
  • NO same day round trip vehicles will be transported from Catawba on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (except commercial vehicles and contractors).
  • NO personal/private vehicles will be transported off the island after 8pm on Wednesday and Thursday night.
  • We have added 5am trips leaving PIB and 530am trips leaving Catawba on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.
  • Parking will be limited at Catawba. We strongly suggest car pooling or using mainland taxi services.
  • We will have our 3rd ferry available all week and we do expect to be using it every day.
  • It is going to be a very long (and hot) week! We will be doing EVERYTHING we can to make sure that everyone has a fun and safe time getting to/ from the island!