National Park Service Awards Construction Contract for Seawall Restoration 

Put-in-Bay, Ohio – The National Park Service awarded a construction contract to ES Wagner Company of Oregon, Ohio for the restoration of the seawalls at Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. The total contract value of this work is $24,964,290.

Superintendent Rowles said, “we are excited to reach this milestone and looking forward to working with ES Wagner Company to complete this critical project. We will use the winter months to prepare for the start of work in the spring of 2022 and construction is expected to be complete by the end of 2023.”

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Years of wave action, ice loading and geological processes have deteriorated and undermined the two seawalls resulting in the creation of sink holes and other unsafe conditions. Both seawalls are functionally necessary to protect the cultural resources of the park due to the proximity of Lake Erie and the relatively low elevation of the park. Specifically, the project includes the following:

  • Rehabilitation of 3,340 linear feet of seawalls
    • Partial demolition of the North Seawall – west section; construction of new seawall to raise level of wall up to 12 inches above existing height.
    • Full demolition of the North Seawall – center section; construction of new seawall to raise level of wall typically 12 inches above existing height, with a smooth transition to the 24 inches above existing height of the North Seawall – east section.
    • Realignment of a 128 linear foot curved section of the North Seawall – center section.
    • Partial demolition of the North Seawall – east section construction of new seawall to raise level of wall up to 24 inches above existing height.
    • Partial demolition of the South Seawall; construction of new seawall to raise level of wall typically 18 inches above existing height.
    • Patch repairs of cracked and spalled concrete on the North and South Seawalls.
  • Replacement of rip rap with an 80-foot extension of the South Seawall.
  • Replacement of storm-water systems including construction of two pump stations, drainage pipe, and replacement of existing catch basins to better facilitate water removal.
  • Installation of a sidewalk along the North Seawall.
  • Replacement of the existing sidewalk along the South Seawall.
  • Grading and fill placement to accommodate sidewalks and the new seawall heights.
  • Temporary construction work-spaces.
  • Installation of lighting elements within the North and South Seawall.
  • Installation of interpretive plaza along the North Seawall depicting life size images of the US Brig Lawrence and HMS Detroit.
  • Installation of new benches and trash receptacles at three new seating areas.

Work is underway now by Ohio Edison to temporarily relocate electric service lines ensuring that power is provided to East Point and the Upper Islands throughout the project. Frontier and Spectrum will also be relocating service lines soon.