Put-in-Bay and Beaver Island Split First Round of Basketball

In exciting and competitive games played on Friday evening, Put-in-Bay Panthers and Beaver Island Islanders each celebrated a victory and bemoaned a loss.  The girls Panthers won 48-22. The boys Panthers held it close at 50.8 seconds with a six-point deficit.  In spite of heroic effort by Doug Steidl, the Panther boys lost, 37-41.  A second round of games begins at 10:45 this morning.

Prior to the first round of games, the Put-in-Bay Community welcomed Beaver Island with a ceremonious Christmas display illumination.  Extraordinary lights, a sing-along, and hot chocolate created a splendid atmosphere.  During half-times, the audience witnessed enlivening performances by baton twirlers, cheerleaders, and dancers.

Below are photos from the night’s first games of the 2021 Great Lakes Islands Basketball Tournament. Click on any image for the enlarged view!