“Breaking News”

Put in Bay Arts Council presents “Breaking the News,” a play by Don Zolidis, tonight and tomorrow at the Town Hall stage.  A former high school and middle school theater teacher, for the past decade, Zolidis has been one of the most-produced playwrights in American schools.

Plot Summary: (courtesy of playscripts.com)

The two news outlets at Presley High School take clear sides about Student Council president Christy: While one produces stories fawning over Christy’s cute First Boyfriend, the other digs through her report cards looking for scandals. But intrepid journalist Olivia wants to report real news, not puff pieces – and she may get her chance when a shadowy figure tips her off about a fundraising conspiracy that goes all the way to the top. Is someone at school making thousands of dollars off of bobbleheads? Can Olivia trust even a delicious snickerdoodle? Is the concept of truth itself so twisted that Beyonce herself might have to get involved? Find out in this wild ride of a satire.