Summer’s Victory

Kaleidoscope, by Berni Steinbach

The threshold of summer’s victory over a languishing spirit is artificially celebrated during Memorial Day weekend.  However, the Put in Bay Summerreal point at which one realizes how significant summer’s vibrancy is does not fully arrive until the end of July.  This truth surfaces in the island environment when we observe natural and human scenarios.  Carefully attended gardens flourish,  brilliant weather animates people, and busyness in service establishments all attest to the profound psychological significance of summertime.

Tranquility and rest, long sought after winter’s challenges and spring’s slow awakening, present themselves in color-filled settings at private homes and public spaces.  Bach’s Sonata in E,  Adagio ma non tanto, captures this essence beautifully!Put in Bay

The stimulus for activity arrives in multiple forms:  bicycling, volleyball, boating, walking, kayaking, swimming, soccer!  Each provides a chance to immerse oneself in a mind-set removed from debilitating stress factors.  Rejuvenation abounds!  Feel this energy in Esperando–Carlos Santana, Sacred Fire.

What would summer island life be without the hard work and perseverance which underscore the contributions of seasonal employees?  Multiple jobs, long hours, patience, and often back-breaking efforts generate the climate which delivers friendly service, great meals, unique retail items, tasty beverages, and rewarding escapades.  Thanks are certainly in order!

We’re in the midst of a spectacular season; and there’s more to come.  For now, it makes sense to celebrate the enlivening opportunities, to cherish the here and now, and to acknowledge summer’s triumphant effect in our life–as Bob Gatewood sings in “Friends of The Bay.”