Stone Lab at Gibraltar Island: A Platform for Understanding

Stone Laboratory
Stone Lab on Gibraltar Island

In addition to being the former island retreat of Philadelphia banker Jay Cooke, Gibraltar Island at Put-in-Bay, Ohio, has served as home to Stone Laboratory of The Ohio State University since 1925.  Prior to that is was a freshwater field station from 1895.  Fresh waters are diverse and dynamic ecosystems subject to threatening ecological conditions.

Today, Stone Lab programs  introduce the basics of field-based biological science to visitors, give university students an impressive combination of science classes and research opportunities, and offer workshops for working professionals.

A unique, upcoming offering is  Lake Erie Awareness Day, scheduled for 11 August 2022.  It is open to the public and without charge. Ohio Sea Grant, Stone Lab and education partners across South Bass Island host this event.  It will “highlight the cultural and historic significance of the islands, address pressing environmental issues such as aquatic invasive species and plastic pollution, draw attention to land conservation efforts, showcase island wildlife, and create more awareness of aquaculture and safe and clean boating programs.”