Put-in-Bay Property Owners Meeting Generates Informative Information Exchange

20 August 2022–Put-in-Bay Property Owners Association meeting was held Saturday morning from 10am until noon at the Put-in-Bay Senior Center.  The agenda included the 2022 PiBPOA project, a report by Perry’s Victory Superintendent Barbara Rowles, Rich Hahn’s update on the 2022 Sport Car Reunion, a presentation–question/answer session about the proposed Put-in-Bay Township levy to fund police service, and EMS information updates.

Put-in-Bay Township Levy

Ms. Wolf responds to Property Owners Association membership.

Joey Wolf, Greg Dobos, and Paula Ziebarth spoke on behalf of the Township.  The primary subject was finding fiscal resources which support satisfactory police presence on the Bass Islands (not including the Village of Put-in-Bay).  A shortfall in funding needs to be filled to provide the police service required to ensure a safe and protected community.  The Resort Tax generated by local businesses is insufficient.  Money from the General Fund and the proposed levy can make regular  patrols possible in the Township–especially on Middle Bass Island.  The proposed 1.5 mil renewable levy would add $210 tax on a home valued at $400,00.  Ms. Wolf emphasized the levy is not related to a dispute between Put-in-Bay Village and the Township.  Rather, it intends to make police service purchase possible, no matter with whom the Township establishes a contract.  She said, “The levy for the Township coverage is not to discredit the Village or to invite the Ottawa Sheriff in.”

Perry’s Victory Construction and Planning

Superintendent Rowles illustrates forthcoming changes.

The seawall construction is behind schedule.  Ms. Rowles reports, “We have not yet poured concrete that passes inspection for strength, durability, quality, and appearance.”  The contractor is required to demonstrate satisfactory conditions prior to starting construction of the twenty-five-million-dollar project.  A positive result is expected within the next two weeks, but delays will spill over into 2024.

Handicapped accessible monument plaza.

Another roughly 25-million-dollar project is also in planning.  The upper plaza around Perry’s Monument has to be demolished and rebuilt due to current material failures.  The renovation could begin in early July 2023 with completion in 2025.  When done, “the National Park property will be beautiful,” said Ms. Rowles.  Passage of the Great America Outdoor Act provides funding for this second endeavor to establish a long-lasting facility.

2022 Sport Car Reunion

Rich Hahn shares “Buckeye Bullet” image.

The Cleveland Sport Car Club initiated the Put-in-Bay races in 1952.  Today, the event meets the same stringent operation standards as any race track in the USA.  According to Mr. Hahn, corner workers are professional volunteers, some of whom work the Indianapolis 500.  To date, 115 race cars are in the 2022 competition.  One popular feature of the Road Race Reunion is the Rocker Cover Races, which is open to the public.  The Nemec brothers, of Put-in-Bay, have donated a “Buckeye Bullet” rocker cover car to be raffled.  This year’s event runs 20-23 September and features MG and Triumph marques.  The car show takes place at Heineman’s Winery on Tuesday, 20 September, followed by laps around the old race circuit at 5pm.

Put-in-Bay EMS Report

Darrell Long, Put-in-Bay EMS

Two significant items shared by Mr. Darrell Long, resident EMS Manager, are changes in the Mercy Health Life Flight Membership and the possible addition of a tele-med program.  After considerable review, the Mercy Health Flight program is again available to island residents for an annual fee–reported to be $150, but the form states $100.  Click the PDF registration form to apply.

Telemedicine visits make it possible to receive virtual care from trusted, highly skilled clinicians during times of physical distancing.  This option may be in place at Put-in-Bay in the near future.  It is also reported that Rite Aid in Port Clinton, Ohio, is currently the only pharmacy which delivers to the Bass Islands.

Property Owners Association 2022 Project

Bob Smith and Doug Mehling display reflector strips.

Mr. Bob Smith, current PiBPOA president, explains the 2022 project makes metal reflectors for telephone poles available to the public.  These 15″ strips may help prevent the collision of golf carts and other vehicles into telephone poles located extremely close to roadways.  “Some poles on the island are only 12″ from the road,” said Mr. Smith.  Contact the Property Association here!