South Bass Island Mid-November

A certain chill is in the air this mid-November day, and the weather forecast looks frightful.  Nonetheless, the island atmosphere is enlivening its own special way–makes one reflect on the subtle effects present in the powerful environment.

Jack Kerouac, pioneer poet of the Beat Generation, wrote this about the month of November:

“Powerful winds that crack the boughs of November! — and the bright calm sun, untouched by the furies of the earth, abandoning the earth to darkness, and wild forlornness, and night, as men shiver in their coats and hurry home.  And then the lights of home glowing in those desolate deeps.  There are the stars, though!  high and sparkling in a spiritual firmament.  We will walk in the windsweeps, gloating in the envelopment of ourselves, seeking the sudden grinning intelligence of humanity below these abysmal beauties.  Now the roaring midnight fury and the creaking of our hinges and windows, now the winter, now the understanding of the earth and our being on it:  this drama of enigmas and double-depths and sorrows and grave joys, these human things in the elemental vastness of the windblown world.”