Rescue Marine Delivers Stranded Islanders

Jake Dunfee, who operates Rescue Marine out of Marblehead, Ohio, comes to the rescue of islanders stranded on the mainland due to the incessant fog enveloping the Bass Islands.

While sunshine starts to meander its way through the seascape this afternoon, only a few flights from Port Clinton to the islands succeed in delivering residents and workers.  Thus, yesterday and today, Mr. Dunfee and crewman Dustin braved the limited visibility to provide transport.  The one-way fee from Miller Boat Line’s Catawba Dock is $100.  The National Weather Service dense fog advisory is in place until 4pm today.

Kate Ostapchuk, a seasonal worker at the Park Hotel and Cameo Pizza who decided to spend the winter on South Bass Island, was pleased to return with Rescue Marine Captain Jake after a visit to Chicago.  Her photos are below: