Put-in-Bay Township Board of Trustees Move Forward with Ottawa County Sheriff Contract

Put-in-Bay Township Board of TrusteesPut-in-Bay Township Board of Trustees, in a special meeting held at 8am today, authorize funding to provide housing and police cruisers for the Ottawa County Sheriff’s contract approved in December 2022.


Put-in-Bay Township Board of Trustees
Laurie Miller, Fiscal Officer, addresses Trustees Chris Cooper and Matt Miller.

Two condominium units and two police vehicles (used black Ford Interceptors) were identified in motions for payment by the Put-in-Bay Township Trustees.  Township purchase orders for December 2022, bills payment, and bank reconciliation receive “yes” votes, too.


The Trustees also voted to make a final payment to Put-in-Bay Village for 2022 Police service, pending legal review.

The two-year contract with Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office costs $750,000.  The previous, five-year contract with Put-in-Bay Village was $298,000.  While the November 2022 levy for police funding failed in a certified tie vote of 194-194, Township Trustees explain funding for the new contract comes from previous savings, a grant from the Ohio Department of Public Safety, and $50,000 remaining from the Covid-19 CARES Act.

Mr. Miller said, “The Trustees always look forward to working with The Village and the community at large to provide the best possible police service for Put-in-Bay.”  Mr. Cooper pointed out the mutual aid service provided by a single dispatcher and the lack of jurisdictional conflicts will serve both entities well.