Put-in-Bay Snow Inspires

Put-in-Bay snow inspires outdoor enthusiasts, including writers, photographers, hikers, and dog-walkers!   Numerous adventurers were out and about after Sunday’s two-inch snowfall.

Captain Russ Brohl captured this wonderfully poetic view at Cooper’s Woods:

PiBDaily features a second contribution celebrating a fresh winter’s landscape.

The Peacefulness of Wintertime
By Amanda Downey

The beauty of winter captures my soul.
First freshly fallen snow
Is a magical event, it brings joy to our hearts.
What a childhood memory it is; oh snow we were never really  apart.


Snowflakes fall and glisten in the cold winter sun.
Oh snow angels, oh how fun.
A winter stroll brings a familiar crunch beneath our feet.

Even the simple things are a treat.
Take time to slow down, rest and relax–It’s okay, too.
Winter is a time for you. Enjoy the view!