Perry’s Cave & Family Fun Center Awaits

Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center!

Perry's CaveWhere else can you mix adventure, history, problem-solving, and skill exhibition in one stop?  Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center features a historical cave 208 feet long by 165 feet wide.

View stalactites, stalagmites and cave pearls on the cave’s walls, ceiling and floor, created by heavily encrusted calcium carbonate deposits from centuries of water dripping from the ceiling. The temperature remains in the vicinity of 50° year-round.


Put in Bay


Family activity at Put in BayThe antique car museum will immerse you in the classic days of motoring, while the maze and mini-golf will challenge your mental and physical skills.

The Butterfly House exhibits over 50 different types of exotic butterflies from all over the world.


You can purchase a bag of rough mix at The Shop at the Top, and then let the water wash over the sand to experience panning for REAL GEMSTONES & FOSSILS.