Happy 94th Birthday, Annie Parker!

Annie Parker, a wonderfully kind and highly-respected Put-in-Bay resident, celebrates a spectacularly energetic life tomorrow, 20 May 2023, on her 94th birthday.

Ms. Parker is known for her beautiful singing, her participation in civic events, her dedication to healthy walks around South Bass Island, and her amazing contributions to collections of island history.

Please take a moment to congratulate Annie if you see her on the front porch of her home on Catawba Avenue.

In a 2017 ode composed to celebrate the Senior Center, Annie wrote:

“Where Old Friends Meet”

Bring your friends and your memories of that historic corner

and the street between the Lake Front and the churches.

John Nissen’s Fish Market where you sold your day’s catch.

Do you recall the three grocery stores on Catawba Ave.?

Post Office, Fire Department, Town Hall, Theatre, Dances, Card Parties.

Schnoor and Fuchs Groceries, Hardware, Drug Store,

Soda Fountain. Buy a pair of shoes or boots, candy,

School and office supplies.

At Ohio Edison’s appliance store, you could get a stove,

refrigerator, iron, toaster.

Long before the Jim Poulos school addition

kids walked to the Town Hall for gym class.

The Doctor’s Office/Home predated our present great EMS.

School and Churches steps away.

At Tony’s kids ate ice cream while adults had nickel

beer and watched one of the island’s first TV’s.

John Ladd, who was born in that corner house, can

explain how TWO big holes were landmarks for years.

Parker’s Garage provided free air and first aid when

the doctor was out of town.

Tomatoes among Joe’s canna flowers. And who could forget the apricot tree.