Congratulations Put-in-Bay Class of 2023

Put-in-Bay High School Commencement, held at Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial on Thursday evening, brought a successful Class of 2023 to fresh horizons.

Lilian Frederick, Macy Ladd, Alice Lentz, Alec-Zander Sharp, McKenna Stacy, and Doug Steidl relished the closing chapter of their public school experience in front of joyful family members, an enthusiastic community audience, school faculty and staff, and members of the Put-in-Bay Board of Education.

Alice Lentz was the Salutatorian, Macy Ladd the Valedictorian, and Mr. Eric Engel was the keynote speaker.  Ms. Pippert and the Grades 6-8 Choir provided celebratory music.  Photos by Donna Steinbach

Graduation Parade Cadillacs