Earth Day Walk Opens Fresh Horizon

Massie Cliffside PreserveMassie Cliffside Perserve, on the eastern side of South Bass Island, offers an easy and serene walk through the woods to a most pleasing panoramic view of Put-in-Bay.  With spring green still a week or so distant, the trail feels open and airy, Put in Bay natureand it prompts attentiveness to birds flitting about and new ground growth.  It is an island destination not to be missed!Put in Bay naturePut in Bay natureMassie Cliffside Preserve

Academic Year Marked by Success and Adventure

Put in Bay School

Congratulations to our Seniors!

School News – by Steve Poe, Superintendent

It is hard to believe we are preparing for the end of another school year.  Our high school students enjoyed their prom on April 28.  The Spring Concert and Art Show is scheduled for Wednesday, May 16 at 7:00pm, and the annual Awards Day is set for Thursday, May 17.  These events are sure signs that we are closing in on another school year.  Completing the school year will be Graduation on Friday, June 1, at 6:30pm at the Perry Monument.

Addressing this year’s graduating class will be Eugene Winchester IV, known by his friends as Ty Winchester.  Ty is a 1995 graduate of Put-in-Bay School. Upon high school graduation, he attended the University of Cincinnati and has spent much of his adult life travelling around the world.  He has been involved with our local chamber of commerce and has been very active in island events and activities.  He is currently the manager of Pasquale’s restaurant here on Put-in-Bay.  We are excited to have ‘one of our own’ speak at our graduation!

 Congratulations to Tatyana Kowalski for being this year’s senior class Valedictorian.  She is the daughter of Dan and Valerie Kowalski.  Tatyana was recognized for her academic accomplishments at last month’s Ottawa County Top Ten Banquet.  Her honored educator was Melissa Kowalski, Tatey’s science teacher.  Erin Urge is the Salutatorian this year.  Erin is the daughter of Melinda Myers and Dane Urge.  Each of these students will speak at graduation.  Congratulations!

Macy Ladd will be competing against the top science minds in Ohio on May 12 at the State Science Fair.  Good luck Macy!

Elena Schroeder was selected to attend the Pharmacy Summer Camp at the University of Toledo.  This highly selective 4 day long program will allow her the opportunity to learn the entire pharmacological process from the creation of medications all the way to its dosing and administration.  Congratulations Elena!

Put in Bay School Senior TripOn April 18 our seniors returned from their senior class trip to Hawaii.  Those who made the trip all attest that this was an unbelievable experience.  Some of the highlights included:  watching the sunrise from the top 10,000 + foot Haleakala Mountain and biking 26 miles downhill;  hiking the Maunawilli Falls Trail; enjoying a Hawaiian Luau on the beach;  touring Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial; and driving the “Road to Hana” on Maui.  All this was made possible from six years of fund raising.

Image by Gettysburg Foundation

The seniors thank everyone who supported their efforts over the years!


On May 22 our eighth graders travel to Gettysburg and Washington D.C. for four days to see historical sights and learn more about our nation’s history.  History teacher Craig Schuffenecker accompanies our students each year on this fantastic opportunity.  We would like to thank Margaretta Local School District for allowing us to partner with them on this trip.

For students involved in extra-curricular activities, Dr. Brett Kuns will once again be offering free medical examinations.  The date for the physical exams is Thursday, May 10.  A schedule and forms will be sent home prior to this date for parents to complete.  PLEASE SEND IN COMPLETED EXAM FORMS PRIOR TO MAY 10.

Pre-kindergarten/Kindergarten Screening is scheduled for the morning of Friday, May 4.  Letters have been sent home to explain the details.

The second week of May is Staff Appreciation Week.  Our teachers and support staff do a fantastic job and we want to thank them for their hard work and dedication.  We are blessed to have such a talented group of professionals in our school system.  The next time you see one of them, say, “thank you.”

On Friday, May 25, school will be dismissed at noon for Memorial Day weekend.

Put-in-Bay School Adds Track and Sailing Opportunities

Put in Bay trackPut-in-Bay School has expanded their offerings of extra-curricular activities this spring.  Students can now participate in track and sailing.  “We have a couple of athletes who have the potential to compete at very high levels in track, so we decided to hire a coach and schedule some meets.  We do not have a running track on the island, but that has not prevented us from training.  Coach Seth Benner, the Port Clinton track coach, has provided us with training routines and videos.  Once or twice a week our runners take the ferry to the mainland and go to Port Clinton’s track facilities to work out with their athletes,” said Steve Poe, Put-in-Bay’s School superintendent.   “Coach Benner has gone above and beyond to train our athletes.  We appreciate the Port Clinton administration for letting us share their coach!” Poe added.

Put in Bay sailingIn addition to track, Put-in-Bay has added sailing to its list of extra-curricular activities.  “We have a number of students who know how to sail from being involved with the island’s summer sail program, plus Coralee Wisnewski, an experienced sail instructor, recently moved to the island.  Our children can now look forward to competing against other schools,” reports Mr. Poe.

Jury Verdict In: Cinderella Should Have Been Paid!

Put in Bay School Mock TrialPut-in-Bay School sixth-graders ran a mock trial on Thursday morning.  Proceedings were monitored by the Honorable Danita Gilbert Conway, Probate/Juvenile Court Magistrate of Ottawa County.  A magistrate is a licensed attorney in Ohio who is appointed by the Court to conduct hearings in a case, according to the Ohio State Bar Association.  Cinderella brought the case to court, alleging her step-mother and step-sisters forced her to do all the household chores without compensation.

Put in Bay School Mock Trial

Cinderella, lovely plaintiff!

Fourth and fifth grade students served on the jury and reached a decision of 7-2 in favor of Cinderella.  Testimony by the evil step-sister, Gorgonzola, was the deciding factor.  Gorgonzola claimed hardship in having to pick up a shoe, although she was rewarded with earrings for doing so.

Put in Bay School Mock Trial

The Prince testifies to his status!

Put in Bay School Mock Trial

Jealous stepsister, bossy and spoiled!

Put in Bay School Mock Trial

Evil Stepsister, Gorgonzola!

Put in Bay School Mock Trial

Jury of Cinderella’s Peers

Miller Boat Line & Lodging Partners Offer Spring Getaway Packages

Miller Ferry to Put in BayWe hear Spring whispering in the background saying, “I think I can . . .”

When the warmer breezes begin (soon please!) people will be ready for a Put-in-Bay island getaway.  Six island lodgings have partnered with Miller Ferries to Put-in-Bay for April and May getaways with prices starting as low as $89.00 a night. Accommodations include lakefront, bed and breakfasts, in the heart of the village, and secluded hideaways.  Please take a look at the attached list of travel incentives.

Put in Bay Travel Discounts

Click to view the Miller Boat Line Spring Travel Packages!

Check out our site, Miller Boat Line, for ferry times, events, golf cart rentals, attractions and more.

See you on the Island!

Put-in-Bay Fire Department Season Finale Pancake Breakfast

Put in Bay VFDPut-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Department will host the last breakfast of the season on Sunday, 22 April 2018, from 8 a.m. – Noon.  Stop by the Fire Department and get some great food prepared by your firefighters! Breakfast will include pancakes, sausage, French toast, eggs, orange juice, and coffee.  The fire station is located at 199 Concord Avenue.  PIBVFD thanks everyone for continuing support.