Pyrates & Sharks, Oh My!

Residents of Woodville, Ohio, and Leesburg, Virginia, put the “Arrrgh” into a day at The Bay!

Overcast skies, high humidity, and a muggy 77° (81° heat index) wrap Put-in-Bay on Saturday afternoon.  Nonetheless, avid sailors and fun-loving traditionalists appear on the horizon. Members of the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club sail around a makeshift course while cheery pyrates pay tribute to what is usually Pyrate Fest weekend at Put-in-Bay.


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USCG Cutter Hollyhock Overnights at Put-in-Bay

USCGCGC HOLLYHOCK (WLB-214), named after a previous Coast Guard cutter which served the United States from 1937 through 1982, docked at Put-in-Bay on the night of 23 June 2020.  Primary missions are aids to navigation, search and rescue, environmental protection, and domestic ice-breaking.

USCG Hollyhock 220, Trumbo Point during Mariel Boatlift in 1980. Photo by Raymond L. Blazevic

The original HOLLYHOCK was launched at Defoe Boat and Motorworks in Bay City, Michigan. The vessel was initially commissioned as part of the fleet operated by the U.S. Lighthouse Service. When this government agency became part of the Coast Guard in 1939, HOLLYHOCK provided 43 additional years of distinguished service before it was decommissioned from the Coast Guard’s fleet on Mar 31, 1982.

HOLLYHOCK (WLB-214) at Fox’s Dock, Put-in-Bay

The new, 225′ HOLLYHOCK was built in 2003 and replaced the CGC BRAMBLE (WAGL-392). It is the 14th Seagoing Buoy Tender built for the Coast Guard by Marinette Marine Corporation in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.