A Walk in Duff Woods Preserve

The newly dedicated Duff Woods Preserve, presented by Lake Erie Islands Conservancy and Put-in-Bay Park District, opens a different and unexpected landscape experience compared to the customary South Bass Island environment.

The hilly terrain and lack of water views places the visitor in a wilderness context akin to mainland settings.  A stark contrast awaits the visitor as she passes a crumbling barn near the entrance and enters the path.  One particular vista along the way reminds one to reconsider our perceptions of island scenes.

A walk through Duff Woods places one in a tranquil and remote atmosphere–soothingly quiet, subtle and mind-calming.  The text accompanying the following photos is from a poem, Walking through the Forest,  by J. Farley.

To walk through the forest
and see sunlight shinning through the trees
is like a cool, refreshing breeze
to the spirit sweltering beneath
the heat of worldly troubles.

To walk through the forest
and observe nature’s mysterious order
is like a wall erected in the path of disorder,
calming the chaotic thoughts
in the mind of modern man.