Put-in-Bay School Regatta Confronts High Winds

Put in Bay Sail RacesBrave high school sailors launch their vessels from Put-in-Bay Yacht Club and immediately feel the surging power of Put in Bay Sail Racestwenty-knot wind gusts out of the South-Southwest.  The air temperature hovers around 51°F as the 420’s gather at the start line for the first windward leg–heading toward Miller Marina from the harbor channel entrance.

Immediately, balance control becomes complex and boats capsize.  Coach boats speed over to assess safety concerns, but Put in Bay Sail Racesthe sailors prove resilient and right their crafts.  Competition is fierce and skills prove their integral part of success.  A few fall victim to the dreaded DNF and a winner is announced.  Soon, another group of sailors set their sights on the prize and give it their all.  Such is an exhilarating Saturday at the races!

Put in Bay Sail RacesPut in Bay Sail RacesPut in Bay Sail RacesPut in Bay Sail RacesPut in Bay Sail RacesPut in Bay Sail Races

Put-in-Bay School Hosts First High School Regatta

Put in Bay Sailing Team

Put-in-Bay High School sailors at practice  /  Photo by CC Wisniewski

Put-in-Bay School Sailing Team coach CC Wisniewski announces eight schools will compete in the first home sail regatta on Sunday, 13 October 2019.

Put in Bay PanthersTeams from Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo will start racing at 10am on a course in front of Perry’s Monument.  Team members represent grades 7-12.  Put-in-Bay School provides the sailboats, and teams rotate through on-the-water competition.

Canadian Coast Guard Cutter Limnos Visits Put-in-Bay

Canadian Coast Guard Cutter Limnos arrives in Put-in-Bay at 12:26pm on Thursday.  It departs at 12:49pm, after appearing to take a sounding and CCG Limnossharing a brief communication with Miller Boat Line ferry, Islander, on VHF channels 16 and 8.

The vessel’s name originates from “limnology,” the study of inland waters with emphasis on biological, chemical, physical, and geological attributes, according to the CCG.  It is Canada’s principal research ship in the Great Lakes.  CCG LimnosThe 1968 ship is classified as “Mid Shore Science Vessel” and has Burlington, Ontario (Lake Ontario), as home port.