Lake Erie Islands Conservancy Continues Efforts to Protect Cooper’s Woods

Save Cooper's WoodsThe DeRivera Park Trust Meeting is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 24 May 2017, at 5pm in the Put-in-Bay Town Hall.  Lisa Brohl, Chair of the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy said, “Be there, if you can, to continue to ask them to provide some protection for Cooper’s Woods from future development, whether placing a  conservation easement or deed restriction on the Woods. Or sell to the Put-in-Bay Township Park District to be preserved as is.”

Homeland Security Team Performs Sea Training at Put-in-Bay

Homeland Security Put in BayUnder sunny skies and amidst a calm Put-in-Bay harbor, two U.S. Customs and Border Patrol teams ran a series of drills to enhance the safety and expertise of their on-the-water skills.  To be sure, the Brig Niagara was not the subject of any interdiction!Homeland Security Put in BayHomeland Security Put in BayHomeland Security Put in Bay


Top-Notch Put-in-Bay Lawn & Garden Care Provided by Yardworks

Yardworks, serving the residents & community of Put in Bay for 24 years, is taking new clients for the season, and occasionally throughout the year.Put in Bay landscaping

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