Fog Happens!

Put-in-Bay, enveloped by fog and temperatures in the low 40’s, revels in seasonal change. Put in Bay fog Ice fishers relished the continuing–however sloppy–opportunity to seek Walleye and Perch.  The National Weather Service in Cleveland describes today as “murky and dreary.”  Flights to/from Put-in-Bay Airport (3w2) were cancelled due to extremely dense fog.

Put in Bay ice rampPut in Bay fog

Panther Basketball Scores Victories

Put in Bay PantherPut-in-Bay School High School Basketball returned to action with determination and enthusiasm on Saturday.  The Panthers took the Woodward Polar Bears’ challenge to heart and locked two in the victory column.  The girls held a one-point lead at the half and concluded with an 8-point lead (22-30).  The boys’ game saw several lead changes and Put-in-Bay was ahead by one point at the 2:32 minute-mark; the final score was Polar Bears 65, Panthers 70.  Competitive play and exciting action kept all attentive in the Panther Pit.Woodward High School Toledo in Bay BasketballPut in Bay BasketballPut in Bay Basketball






Put in Bay Basketball

Coach Schuffenecker receives kudos!

Additional action photos are available on the Put-in-Bay Daily Panther Basketball Photos page!

Panther Basketball Resumes On-Court Action!

Put in Bay BasketballPut in Bay SchoolPut-in-Bay Panther Basketball begins today, after a three-game cancellation due to weather.

Junior High begins at 9am, followed by the girls at 10:30am and the boys’ game at noon.

Tune in for live action on radio, and return to Put-in-Bay Daily for action photos.Put in Bay basketball

Frost Quakes Reported in Vicinity of Put-in-Bay

ice boulder

Lake Erie ice boulder off South Bass Island’s West Shore

Three loud “booms” and shaking ground were experienced during the early-evening hours of Thursday, 18 January 2018, according to reports filed on social media.  Residents of Catawba, Kelleys Island, Marblehead, and Put-in-Bay reported what appears to be a phenomenon known as a Frost Quake, or cryoseism.

According to, “The Vermont Geological Survey defines a cryoseism as, ‘[a] major frost cracking of the top few feet of the ground, occurring during sub-zero cold snaps, which generates localized ground shaking and is often mistaken for an earthquake.’ (1) Expansion that results during the process of freezing can lead to the buildup of explosive stress, which may result in fractures within the earth. Small cracks may be visible on the surface near where a cryoseism has occurred, and in some cases, shaking vibrations may also be felt within the vicinity of the frost quake, along with loud booms that sound similar to gunfire. (2)”

Check the Calendar!

Put-in-Bay remains an active and adventure-filled place, as witnessed by the recent ice-fishing extravaganza.  Note,  however, there are great indoor activities coming up on the calendar.

Put in Bay basketballThe Panther Basketball teams have had three scheduled game dates cancelled due to weather, but it looks like a “Go!” for this Saturday.  Don’t miss the community excitement!

Great breakfast fellowship awaits your attendance at this Sunday’s Volunteer Fire Department fundraiser.Put in Bay Fire Department

A little bit further down the road, you will not want to forego the scrumptious treats competing for “Chocolate Champ” at the Erie Islands Library.Put in Bay chocolate fest