Put-in-Bay School Board Announces Hiring of New Superintendent

Jill & Scott Mangas

Put-in-Bay School Board confirms the hiring of a new school superintendent for 2022-2023 at a board meeting held on Tuesday, 17 May 2022.  Mr. Scott Mangas, currently the Ottoville, Ohio, Local School District Superintendent, was in attendance at the meeting.  He was joined by his wife, Jill.  Mr. Mangas holds a Bachelor of Special Education and Teaching from Toledo University, and a Master of Educational Leadership from the University of Findlay.

Board L-R: Kostura, Goaziou, Market, Hill, Domer; Treasurer Cooper above Market





Mr. Mangas released the following statement:

Put-in-Bay School and Community:

I am so excited to be a part of the Put-in-Bay community and school system.  This is a position I first dreamed about four years ago when my family, along with our foreign exchange student from Sweden, visited the island.  Mr. Poe was very generous and gave my family a tour of the school.  When we left the building, I told my wife this is the only place I would ever leave Ottoville to go to–and here I am.

I want the Put-in-Bay staff to know that I am not a change agent.  I have heard many good things about the students and staff here, and I just want to be a part of it.  I am here to work WITH all of you.  I am eager to meet all the students and staff, and to start memorizing all those names.  My door will always be open.

I come to this community from Ottoville, Ohio, a small town in Putnam County.  I have been an administrator at Ottoville for 23 years.  I have been both the principal and superintendent at Ottoville for 14 years, so this position is vary familiar to me.

My wife, Jill, of 27 years, will join me on the island.  Jill is a registered nurse and presently works at Lima Mercy Health.  I also have two daughters; Brooke, 23, is a special education teacher at Pandora-Gilboa Schools.  Taylor, 26, is an occupational therapist for Wapak, Waynesfield-Goshen and Memorial St. Mary’s Schools.  She is married and has a 7-week-old daughter.

I look forward to meeting all the residents and settling down in our new community.

Educationally yours,

Scott Mangas, Put-in-Bay Schools Superintendent



Put-in-Bay School Senior Trip 2022

Put-in-Bay School senior Kate Byrnes presented a video documentary to Put-in-Bay School Board today.  Ms. Byrnes and Jacob King, accompanied by chaperone Mr. Green, visited San Francisco, California.  The images below do not reflect the high quality and professionalism of the video, but offer a mere glimpse into the senior trip adventure.  The video itself may be released by Put-in-Bay School in the near future.

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