Miller Ferry to Put-in-Bay Launches Online Ticket Sales

Put-in-Bay – 31 May 2018

Miller Boat Line has announced the start of online ticket sales for operations to Put-in-Bay.  The new service intends to reduce waiting time in line, and adds customer convenience with travel planning peace-of-mind and flexible date offerings.

Miller Ferry to Put in Bay
Miller Ferry on-line ticket order view

To purchase tickets, find BUY TICKETS tab on, select date options–but keep in mind pre-purchased tickets can be used any time on any date.  Customers will receive an email confirmation and QR Code.

Find date options on calendar, but please note, you can use these pre-purchased tickets any time or any date (the customer is not locked into a time slot/trip). The customer will receive an email confirmation and QR Code.  The screenshot or emailed code is presented to the Miller Ferry Catawba Ticket Booth or Redemption Station.  The code will be scanned and the customer will receive round-trip boarding tickets.