Put-in-Bay to Shut Down Golf Cart Rentals

Vacated space at E’s Golf Carts

In a sudden “back to the future” move, Put-in-Bay government and business owners agree to close golf cart rentals.  The decision comes after collaborative research and discussion during winter meetings.  The Consortium made the announcement at a special meeting March 31st, 2020.  “We had considerable debate; the stakeholders agree that closure of golf cart rentals will improve South Bass Island’s quality of life.”

Empty lot at Erie Island Carts

The Chamber quickly noted, “Micro-cars, often referred to as bubblecars, will replace golf cart rentals with limited availability.”  The reduction of emissions (bubblecars are electric), extended mileage, improved passenger safety, and better crowd control make the choice a responsible decision.

Messerschmitt style bubble car spotted at East Point

Vice President of Operations explains, “A complete lack of knowledge of the subject matter did not prevent us from being the right people for the job, so with a gratefully accepted commission, we hastily set about finding out what bubblecars were and where we could find them.”

Solo driver at DeRivera Park

In coordination with other island business ventures, a central manager will operate rental units.  70% will park on the mainland; 30% will remain on South Bass Island. Costs, maintenance, and revenue are divided among rental-token-holders.

2+ seater visits South Bass Island State Park

After the announcement, the new business consortium, Bubble-uP at Put-in-Bay, rolled out several models under consideration.  Island residents bound by the physical distancing and stay-at-home order expressed mixed views on social media.  “Bubblicious! They’re cool!” and “No way.  I love golf carts!” are among the remarks.”  Not all comments expressed surprise.  One islander stated vociferously, “I’d only get into one of those darn bubblecars if I were an April Fool!”


The Jetsons land on Langram Road!