Scheef East Point Preserve Rekindles Joy

Scheef East Point Nature Preserve on South Bass Island offers one of those nature walks which rekindles one’s joy and thankfulness for the environment in which we live.  On a recent morning adventure, Kate Ostapchuk witnessed a mesmerizing sunrise and captured these images in a matter of moments.





The transitions reveal how the sun’s proximity to the horizon creates a timing optical illusion based on our being able to scale the sun against objects on the horizon. When the sun is higher in the sky, one can’t judge its movement nearly as well.

A Walk in Duff Woods Preserve

The newly dedicated Duff Woods Preserve, presented by Lake Erie Islands Conservancy and Put-in-Bay Park District, opens a different and unexpected landscape experience compared to the customary South Bass Island environment.

The hilly terrain and lack of water views places the visitor in a wilderness context akin to mainland settings.  A stark contrast awaits the visitor as she passes a crumbling barn near the entrance and enters the path.  One particular vista along the way reminds one to reconsider our perceptions of island scenes.

A walk through Duff Woods places one in a tranquil and remote atmosphere–soothingly quiet, subtle and mind-calming.  The text accompanying the following photos is from a poem, Walking through the Forest,  by J. Farley.

To walk through the forest
and see sunlight shinning through the trees
is like a cool, refreshing breeze
to the spirit sweltering beneath
the heat of worldly troubles.

To walk through the forest
and observe nature’s mysterious order
is like a wall erected in the path of disorder,
calming the chaotic thoughts
in the mind of modern man.

Celebrate Lake Erie Islands During Green Week

Once again, Lake Erie Islands Conservancy delivers a rewarding schedule of events. for Lake Erie Islands Green Week.  The purpose and theme of this  week-long celebration is to recognize and highlight the significant natural, historical, and cultural resources one can witness on the islands in Lake Erie. For additional information and a map of event locations, call the Wildlife Center at 419.285.3037.




Make and Play a Nature Harmonica?

Put in Bay natureIndeed, you can make and take a harmonica which sounds like nature.  David Murdock, a Middle Bass Island resident, will present a free event at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Wednesday, 22 June 2022, from 1-3pm.  This is a brief program on the lyrical sounds of nature and how to imitate them with a harmonica.