Nature Center Building Addition

Put in Bay Nature CenterLake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center breaks ground on a building addition this morning! The Center could not have gotten to this point without the amazing support from our community. Thank-you to all who donated and supported the journey towards improving the Nature and Wildlife Center.   They continue to serve the community and follow the mission of promoting conversation about and education pertinent to the flora, fauna, and lands of the Lake Erie Islands ecosystem.

Gulls Delight at Put-in-Bay

Put in Bay GullsLake Erie gulls are not necessarily seagulls, as Lake Metro Parks report in a comprehensive article. Put in Bay Gulls However, this week the gulls are captivated by Put-in-Bay.  Put in Bay GullsThey swirl in large flocks Put in Bay Gullsabove the water, cram themselves along piers, and rest on rooftops.  The sudden surge in numbers prompted one Put-in-Bay resident to say, “Reminds me of a Hitchcock movie.”  No fear, these gulls simply check out all the lake hot spots!Put in Bay Gulls

Time for Autumn Bird Banding

Pat Hayes leads birders on discovery tour.

Fall Bird Banding 2019
There is nothing like getting to see migrating birds in your hand to learn those confusing fall warblers! Here are some opportunities to see Tom and Paula Bartlett and bird banding crew in action this fall on the islands.

South Bass Island Banding-The Vineyard B & and B and Scheeff East Point Preserve
September 11-12 (Wednesday, 9/11) Will be banding from mid-morning until late
afternoon. Thursday (9/12), Will band from 6:00 AM until evening.  If you come to watch the banding, please park H. Thomas Bartlettwhere directed past the Vineyard Bed and Breakfast and before the red barn.

Middle Bass Island Banding-Middle Bass Island East Point Preserve
September 23-27 – banding from 6:00 AM until evening daily
September 28 – band from 6:00 AM until noon.
Please do not park in private drives outside the preserve. The gate will be open during banding hours and you will be directed where to park. If you are coming out, e-mail Tom at hthomas.bartlett “at” or call at 567-278-2300.

Kelleys Island Banding-Jones Preserve at Long Point (passerines) and Scheele
Preserve (saw-whet owls)
September 16-21 Feathers and Foliage Festival-banding at Jones Preserve at Long Point.
October 14 -31 Kelleys Island Saw-whet Owl and Long Point or feeder banding
November 1-3 Kelleys Island Owl Festival
November 1 -11 Kelleys Island Saw-whet Owl and Long Point or feeder banding
November 12 -24 Kelleys Island Saw-whet Owl and Long Point or feeder banding

Island Green Week Holds Extraordinary Series of Attractions

Lake Explorer IILake Erie Islands Conservancy pulls together an amazing bank of resources to present another enriching Island Green Week:  Twelve captivating days of Ecotourism, Adventure Travel, Agritourism, and History. Full event details and schedules are in the special edition of Green Scene. Special recognition goes to Renee Market and Michelle Pennington for the nice job on the newsletter!

Click the banner below to read all about it!

Make special note that the LEIHS Auction is Thursday, August 8–not on Friday, August 9, as on a few posters.  The Dedication of the Footbridge at the Middle Bass East Point Preserve scheduled originally for Sunday August 4 has been canceled due to high water–the ducks, birds and bugs don’t mind, but it is not people-friendly yet!  Also, LEIC adds the Dedication of the Lake Erie Islands Water Trail as a State Water Trail to the schedule during EcoTour on Tuesday August 6 at 10:30am at the Oak Point Picnic Area.  Island Green Week events start Saturday with the Middle Bass Island Kayak Poker Day.

Put in Bay