Conservancy Taking Orders for Native Trees and Plants

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Lake Erie Islands ConservancyBuying and planting native trees and shrubs provides quality habitat for the birds, butterflies, moths and other wildlife on the Bass Islands.  Lake Erie Islands Conservancy promotes native trees and shrubs because our native animals feed on these plants and use them for shelter.  Planting native species can make our land more attractive to birds, bees, butterflies, moths and a host of other desirable species. This fundraiser supports the LEIC land preservation and restoration programs.  Thank-yous extended to Natives in Harmony, Riverside Native Trees, and Quail Ridge Specimen Trees.

LEIC Tree-Plant Order Form 2019

Audubon Bird Lovers Report!

AudubonAttached are the final totals for the Lake Erie Count Circle of the Audubon Christmas Bird Count for 2018.  The Excel spreadsheet includes the totals from Middle Bass, South Bass, Kelleys Island, and Pelee. What a great group effort.   And a lot of fun! Thanks to all who participated in this citizen science effort.

2018 Christmas Bird Count Final

Remember, too, the Great Back Yard Bird Count is coming up this weekend  Check it out at  if you want to participate!