Put-in-Bay’s Stone Laboratory Cancels Summer Classes

From Stone Laboratory:

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 safety precautions, Stone Laboratory 2020 summer courses have been cancelled.  Professional development workshops beginning in August are currently set to run as scheduled, but we will keep the webpage updated as we know more information.

Stone Laboratory

Event cancellations and closures have been extended to July 6, 2020, per ongoing guidance from The Ohio State University.  Please note that this impacts the Aquatic Visitors Center and the South Bass Island Lighthouse, as well as Stone Lab tours.  we’re keeping the information on our Visit Pages as updated as possible, so please check there before planning any visits.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone! We hope to see you all again soon.

Stone Lab Monitors Water Conditions

Lake Erie water quality

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Lake Erie water quality

Stone Lab water quality buoy location

Justin Chaffin, Senior Researcher, Research Coordinator, Stone Laboratory

Researchers rely on the Stone Lab Algal & Water Quality Lab to identify plankton, measure chlorophyll content and cyanobacteria toxins, analyze organic and inorganic suspended solids, and test for nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen. A buoy, donated by Fondriest Environmental and upgraded with additional equipment through grant funding, helps Stone Lab staff monitor water conditions in Lake Erie’s western basin.Lake Erie water quality