Put-in-Bay Fire Department Trains in Cold and Snow

Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Department members face snow showers and a hand-numbing 35°F on Wednesday night’s ladder truck training on Delaware Avenue.  Ladder training, according to Chief Greg Dobos, includes mechanical operations, safety procedures, and access strategies.

The priority on Wednesday focused on ladder placement to enhance safe access to rooftops.  Chief Dobos pointed out, “The buildings at Put-in-Bay have different roof lines, so we take one building at a time to determine which ladder approach will work best for fire-fighting and rescue operation.”

Approaching a rooftop straight-on or along the side makes a difference in how effectively firefighters can complete a mission.  Pasquale’s Restaurant was this evening’s staging location.


Proper leveling of the firetruck is another aspect of training on the night’s checklist.  Assistant Chief JR Domer points out some of the finer points in these images.


South Bass Island residents and businesses reap the rewards of a dedicated and well-trained fire department.  Thanks go to all the members who contribute their time and energy to keep our community safe.

Change Looms Big at Put-in-Bay

The natural environment isn’t the only thing changing at Put-in-Bay this fall.  The ongoing Perry’s Victory seawall reconstruction moves forward on both the west and east sides of the Route 357 causeway.

Today, paving of the relocated roadbed started in order to facilitate more work along the west wall.

Earlier this November, T&J’s Smokehouse on Delaware Avenue–more affectionately remembered as The Crescent–was demolished to make way for an as yet unannounced new business establishment.