“Mighty Mac” Docks at Put-in-Bay

USCGC 30 MackinawUnited States Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw (WLBB-30) settled in for a weekend visit to Put-in-Bay on Saturday evening, 8 July 2017.  Affectionately called “Mighty Mac,” the vessel is the largest Coast Guard icebreaker on the Great Lakes.  According to reporter Nathan Comar, of Michigan HistoryUSCGC 30 Mackinaw Upper Great Lakes (MHUGL), “At a length of 240 feet, the Mackinaw can cut through 42 inches of solid ice and over 12 feet of brash ice. The Cutter serves many purposes, including buoy tending, domestic ice breaking, law enforcement, environmental response, aids to navigation, and search and rescue.”

USCGC 30 Mackinaw
Length…240 feet, Beam…58 feet, Draft (full)…16 feet, Displacement (full)…3,350 tons, Range at 12 knots…4000 nautical miles, Officers…9, Crew…47

USCGC 30 MackinawUSCGC 30 Mackinaw