Sunday Thoughts

First and foremost, blessings go out to all mothers today.  Happy are we who still have them near us.  Happy are we who retain beautiful memories.  Happy are we who celebrate the nurturing which gave each of us life!  May all of us honor the mothering–the caring, protective kindness–which comes from aunts, sisters, God-mothers, and grandmothers!

Around South Bass Island today one sees signs of hope, storms, and status quo.  The Boardwalk Restaurant injects cheer to the day with carry-out ordering.  White caps abound on Lake Erie and waves send sea-debris ashore.  Weather forecasters promise a tumultuous night.  NOAA says, “Thunderstorms with strong and isolated severe winds.”

Meanwhile, Miller Boat Line continues successfully to serve transportation needs to/from the Bass Islands.  And nature, too, rolls forward into spring fullness.