Fog Reshapes Island Life

OSU Gibraltar Classcam at 9:11am, 4 January 2023


Editor’s Note:  Amanda Downey is a frequent contributor to PiBDaily.  Her words and photos offer affecting island perspectives.


The Foggy Island
By Amanda Downey

Oh fog, how you remind me of a perfect dreamy day–Your beauty and mystical display.
The warm and moist air across the lake;
How hidden the monument this makes.

Canada Geese fly in, one barely sees them land.  Even by the beach, you almost can make out the sand.

The reflections of the ferries as a seagull’s echo flies by; Not a sign of an ice shanty or even the sky.

So secret is the Lime Kiln Dock,
And down at The Benson you can hardly see the locks.
Onward to the ramp, you now take a seat:

To hope the fog will lift, but oh how magical, how neat.