Zac Brown Band Dazzles Bash on the Bay 5

On stage and screen!

Zac Brown Band not only dazzles, they bend the mind with nearly non-stop, epic music.  There is no extravagant showmanship.  Solid, spirited songs flow brilliantly in a range from body-moving jams to melodious and lyrical reflections.  Especially powerful and rewarding is the extent to which each band member contributes.  While recognized as a country band, the playlist encompasses a stunning mix of genres–each keeps audience enthusiasm at peak levels.  Superb drumming, stunning guitar licks, and full-bodied fiddle textures resonate wonderfully with Zac Brown’s voice.

The second night of Bash on the Bay will be remembered as a Put-in-Bay show for the ages because Zac Brown Band gave it their all and then some!

The concert atmosphere at Put-in-Bay Airport (3w2) underscores the magnificence of outdoor, summer events on a jewel of an island.  Brad Paisley and Zac Brown Band are to be commended for delivering a rewarding and satisfying musical experience.


Brad Paisley Delivers Rewarding Performance for 5th Bash on the Bay

On stage and screen!

Brad Paisley said, “Thank you for inviting us to your party.  I think you’d be having a great time even if we weren’t here!”–and the crowd went wild!

There is good reason why Brad Paisley continues to accumulate praise and accolades wherever he performs.  His stage presence is honest and bold, but not presumptuous.  His repertoire continues seamlessly with a brilliant balance between

Enthusiasm prevails!

melodic-thoughtful and spirit-rousing vibrancy.  The band members contribute flawlessly to create perfect lyrical resonance, and the video backdrop and lighting are enlivening.  The performance was a Put-in-Bay night to remember!

The concert venue, Put-in-Bay Airport (3w2), is a splendid location and continues to draw a spirited and fun-loving crowd.  Security was appropriate and helpful for a large outdoor gathering, and the multiple concessionaires gave the public nice choices to match the festive atmosphere.  There’s no doubt a good time was had by all.

Zac Brown is up tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Bash on the Bay Preparations Active

Concert stage almost complete!

Bash on the Bay, at Put-in-Bay Airport (3w2),  requires an incredible amount of preparation and logistical coordination.  Especially so because all the equipment for the performances as well as the public services and food trucks must come across on the Miller Boat Line.  Kudos to all involved in making the concert set-up proceed in a smooth and timely fashion!

For ferry and concert information, click HERE!

Security hub in place!
Tent up!
Internet available!
$10 parking at Meechen and Langram Roads, across from airport.
“Extra salsa, please!”
Safety lights in place along Langram Road
Plenty of port-a-potties in the distance!

Ferry to Put-in-Bay for Bash on the Bay

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Ferry service to Put-in-Bay for the Bash on the Bay concerts, on 24 and 25 August 2022, runs on the following schedules provided by Miller Boat Line and Jet Express.


Miller Ferry trips leave Put-in-Bay as frequently as every 20 minutes, until 12:00 am/midnight, to transport passengers after the concert.  No personal vehicles will be transported off the island after 8pm on August 24 or 25.  No same day, round trip personal vehicles August 23-27.

Inter-Island trips on Miller Boat Line Leave Middle Bass Island 2pm.  Leave Miller Ferry Downtown Dock 10:45 pm – 621 Bayview Ave, Put-in-Bay.  Tickets are regular Middle Bass rate of $11 each way – Cash or Middle Bass tickets only.  Walk   on passengers only.  No reservations required.


The Jet Express is on a “purple schedule” from Port Clinton to Put-in-Bay for this event.

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Entrance gates will be located in the airport on the tarmac in front of the terminal and on the South end of the runway. There will be no gate entrance directly to the concert area off of Langram Road.  Food, soft drinks, water, and alcohol will be available for purchase inside the venue.  Concert and artist merchandise will be available inside the venue for purchase.  After the event bus & taxi service will be at the North gate for transportation downtown. If you are using the Miller Ferry please exit the South ticketing area as there will be no taxis available to take you there and Langram Rd. will be closed to vehicle traffic.  Handicapped area is located at the helipad and can be accessed off Langram Road. All security personnel can give directions to this area.