No Date Yet for Resumption of Sonny-S Boat Line Service

Click to enlarge.  Image by Captain Parrot

Sonny-S Boat Line did not begin seasonal operations this year due to vessel condition issues.  As indicated on the Sonny-S Ferry Web page, the boat is undergoing extensive repairs and a hull refit.  It is unclear when regular service between Middle Bass Island and Put-in-Bay will resume, but business owners hope to start before Independence Day.


Middle Bass Music Festival Bound to be A Blast!

Middle Bass Music Festival, coming Saturday July 17 from 12-7pm, features food trucks, beverage vendors, as well as Island Grind.  Below is the schedule of musicians who will perform.
Consider supporting the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy with a purchase of event t-shirts, beer cozies or the new LEIC hats that will be available at festival.
Music schedule – times are approximate and subject to change
12:00 noon – 12:45 North Coast Goats – Classic Rock
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Sonic Boom – Jazz Fusion
2:15 PM – 3:30 PM Sam Hooper Blues Band
3:45 PM – 5:15 PM Chardon Polka Band
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM Cats on Holiday – Zydeco Folk Fusion blend
Artist Demonstrations at Lonz Winery & Middle Bass Island July 17, 2021
The Ohio Arts Council will bring a special feature to this year’s Middle Bass Music Fest.  Eight regional artists will demonstrate their talents and offer festival participants the opportunity to learn a new craft.  The artists are local to the island and from around the region.  They  will share a variety of art media in an “art tent” especially set up to host this great activity. Along with demonstrating their work, each artist will invite festival guests to join in the fun. Some art will be hands-on fun and others will offer take-away-kits to help folks learn a new skill at home. Come and meet the friendly people from Middle Bass Island and learn something new at the music festival.  Artist presenting include:
Kelly Kanyok- needle punch embroidery
Debbie Pinta- stain glass
Kim Miles- weaving
Doreen Butler- rug hooking
Amy Houston-painting on slate
Betty Dasher-drawing/Zentangle
Janet Sterns-acrylic painting
Lisa Shay -glass painting
The Middle Bass Music Fest is held at Lonz Winery on the grounds of the Middle Bass Island State park. It is brought to you by the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy and is sponsored by the Middle Bass Dock Company, Middle Bass Island State Park, The Island Grind, The Ohio Arts Council, and Lake Erie Shores and Islands. The Festival runs from 12 noon to 7 PM on Saturday July 17, 2021.
Click for more information. The music fest event and art demonstrations are free and open to everyone, however art demonstration participants may be a charged a fee for art materials.

Table vendors include MIke Gora with new book, Elizabeth Heineman and Randy Leimbach with photos, Jill Cooks with her special MB sail cloth bags, LEIC and LEINWC sales tables.

There are several ways to get to Middle Bass Island that don’t involve your own boat. The best option is Miller Ferry from Catawba.  Take the 10:15 am or 12:15 pm from Catawba to Middle Bass. Return to Catawba at 5:15 pm or 7:00 pm.
From Port Clinton take the Jet Express to Put-in-Bay. Then, hop on the Sonny-S ferry to Middle Bass from The Boardwalk Dock at Put-in-Bay.  Their schedule that day is at

Middle Bass Island Captain Becomes Local Hero

Captain Harry exhibits satisfaction after running support for Sonny-S Boat Line.

Middle Bass Island resident Captain Harry Foley stepped up to fill the void in ferry transportation Wednesday, 30 June, to Saturday, 3 July.  When Sonny-S Boat Line suspended operations, Inter-Island Charters filled the gap for transport from Middle Bass Island to The Boardwalk, Put-in-Bay.  The charter service is owned by Captain Marty Harayda, also of Middle Bass Island.

Captain Harry reports, “I hauled over 300 people from Wednesday to Saturday morning!”  The Sonny-S returned to service on Saturday afternoon and resumes a regular summer schedule.

Sonny-S Boat Line Resumes Operations

Sonny-S basks in morning light at The Boardwalk on Sunday, 4 July 2021.

Sonny-S Boat Line was back in action late Saturday afternoon.  The Sonny-S schedule resumes normal operations today.  Visit Sonny-S Boat Line on the Web for details.  The vessel required immediate repairs at the beginning of the week.  These were completed with great alacrity at Schrock’s Marina on Marblehead.

The Sonny-S runs between Middle Bass Island and The Boardwalk at Put-in-Bay, South Bass Island.

Inter-Island Charters to Run in Place of Sonny-S

Inter-Island Charters, owned and operated by Captain Marty Harayda, announces operations between Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Island effective 1 July 2021.  This service attempts to fill the gap created by Sonny-S Boat Line’s temporary suspension of operations due to necessary repairs.

Captain Harry Foley will operate the True Grit  between the hours of 11:30am and 9pm.  For special requests, contact Captain Harry at 419-656-3698.