Ferry Service Begins with Blessings

First Ferry BlessingMiller Boat Line placed the motor vessel Wm. Market in service for this morning’s first run of the 2019 season.  A cheerful gathering of passengers, captains, deckhands, and ferry received blessings from Deacon Mike Leahy, Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church, and Mother Mary Staley, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, prior to the 8am departure for Catawba Island.  Only a few vehicles were outbound.

First Ferry Blessing

Captain Eric Engel at the helm!

First Ferry Blessing

Sunrise over Starve Island

First Ferry Blessing

Brit Shroeder signals, “Lines off!”

First Ferry Blessing

Captain Billy Market






The morning air was a fresh 34°F with a 10mph wind out of the west-southwest.  Captain Eric Engel eased the ferry from the dock and sounded the first whistle blast of the season right on time!

Approaching Catawba Island, all aboard noticed a full load of vehicles awaiting transport to South Bass Island.  Also, a fourteen-inch rise of the cement dock became visible.  Miller Boat Line  had to elevate the loading ramp due to high water levels during 2018 and anticipated levels for 2019.

First ferry 2019First ferry 2019


Miller Boat Line Spring Schedule Ready for Action

The Miller Boat Line spring schedule is out!  Ferry crews are ready to spring into action as soon as the ice is clear enough for safe transit across Lake Erie.  Islanders have relied on air transportation since the first week of January.  Considerable ice floes hover around the Bass Islands.  It is expected the primary mainland connections will resume quite soon for residents of Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Island.  For status updates, visit Miller Boat Line.