Put-in-Bay Winter’s Day

Who knew that on a winter’s day you could take a nice, relaxing walk to some of the most beautiful views on South Bass Island?  Exploring the island, hiking with good company, taking it all in certainly makes you feel connected with nature again.  Searching for beach glass and chasing the sunset at the end of the day we hiked the Scheeff East Point Nature Preserve.  The visit left us in awe with the stunning views of the calming lake, icicles hanging from big pieces of driftwood, and sand between our toes.  Something about the peacefulness of the waves and the brisk winter sun surely put a smile on our faces.  And will on yours, too.

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”  -Vincent Van Gogh

Stay well friends.
Amanda Downey, aka “Grocery Gal”

2021 Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races Returns September 20th

7 January Update:  Keep up with developments and see the growing Sports Car Races and Reunion entry list!

2021 Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races & Reunion will provide two full days of racing on the Put-In-Bay Airport as well as a full day of events preceding the race days.

Much more than just a VINTAGE RACE, the Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races and Reunion also welcomes owner-drivers of non-racing, vintage sports cars of types similar to the race cars.  These “street cars” participate in all the various events and activities, except for the actual races.

Put in Bay Road RacersBeginning with a small event in 2009, the Put-in-Bay Road Races Reunion celebrates sports car races that were held on the streets of the town of Put-in-Bay on Ohio’s South Bass Island from 1952 to 1959 and in 1963. The three-day reunion engages racers and non-racers alike in an event that reaches back in time to capture the history and re-create the atmosphere of sports car racing of that era in a uniquely beautiful setting. Book-ended around two days of Vintage sports car racing at the island’s airport, is a balanced mix of events honoring the island’s racing history, a few social gatherings, a car show, original course controlled laps and airport-track lapping, self conducted island rally, rocker cover races and plenty of unstructured time as well.

Provisional Overview of Events ~ What to Expect 

Sunday, September 19 – Weekly Island “Antique” Car Parade (1:30 pm).

Monday, September 20 – Load-in to paddocks, Registration, Tech Inspection (1 – 5 pm).

Tuesday, September 21 –Load-in to paddocks, Registration, Tech Inspection, All-Entrants Meeting (Island Rules of Engagement), Entrants Car Show, Laps of Original Put-in-Bay Race Course, History Recollections Roundtable, Wine & Cheese Welcome Party.

Wednesday, September 22 – Driver’s “School”, Racing/Exhibition Driver’s Meeting, Racing orientation and practice sessions commence at 10 am, Ladies Luncheon, Rocker Cover races at the Goat Soup & Whisky Tavern, All-Sedan “Tin Top” race.

Thursday, Septeber 23 – Race Day 2 at the Put-in-Bay airport. Featuring qualifying races in the morning, track “Lunch Lapping” for Street Car participants, followed by Feature Races and the Put-In-Bay Cup race. Racing awards party following the on-track activities.

Friday, September 24 – Farewell morning brunch, open microphone/critique and departure.


Complete event details are available at HAGERTY MotorsportReg!

Put-in-Bay Ullr Fest Burns COVID-19 in Effigy

Billy Market “burns the germ!”

Put-in-Bay Ullr Fest set afire COVID-19 in effigy to celebrate and hasten the onset of winter–especially ice!  Captain Billy Market and team members of Miller Boat Line created a paper mache COVID-19.  The virus, floating in the harbor near The Boardwalk on Tuesday evening, erupted into flame just after Rev. Mary Staley did the benediction and Mr. Market expressed sincere thanks for the community’s resolve during the trials of 2020.  A large, appreciative crowd of winter residents witnessed the spectacle.  The event closed with a moving fireworks display.  Afterwards, fireworks appeared across Lake Erie at Middle Bass Island, illuminating Lonz Winery.


Christmas Spirit Visible in Island Decorations

An evening ATV ride amidst lightly falling snow on South Bass Island reveals a vibrant Christmas spirit.  The wide variety of holiday decorations put an accent on the Put-in-Bay winter wonderland . . .



The Forge Offers Take-Out Menu this Winter!

Crêpes at Put in BayThe Forge announces Winter 2020-21 hours and menu selection!

Put-in-Bay’s unique and unpretentious dining and bar establishment, The Forge, earned Put-in-Bay Daily’s latest #bestofpib selection and continues to appeal to island residents and visitors.  The ambience is rich in character, the eclectic menu is most satisfying, and the food is delicious.    For on-line ordering, point your browser to theforgeputinbay.hrpos.heartland.us Take-out menu below; click to enlarge!

Thanksgiving Week Environment at Put-in-Bay Still a Treasure to Behold


Kaleidoscope, by Berni Steinbach

Thanksgiving Week is upon us.  Make time for comfort and rejuvenation!

The proverbial time for reunion, appreciation, and sharing feels subdued this year.  Indeed, a poem entitled, “November,” penned in the last century by Ruby Archer, captures the draining sentiment many know as 2020 winds down:


Our twilight month November is,
The evening of the year.
The brilliant summer noontide left
A pallor soft and clear.

From political weariness to health concerns to media fatigue to financial stress, 2020 will be remembered as a time of mixed emotions with a few brief shining highlights–and the latter not even for many.  However, amidst the dark and gloomy one can make space in one’s sensibilities for persistent treasures around us.  The people who care for us, the people we love, the people who extend helping hands, the people who remain strong and steadfast during trying times–all brighten our internal landscape.

It must be noted, too, how profound an impact the physical environment has upon us.  It is so easy to mentally bypass the blossoms, the fields, the lanes, the structures all around, wherever we go or wherever we stay.  A deliberate look beyond the dashboard, beyond the computer screen, and past the cellular telephone brings an epiphany of sorts.  Yes, the eyes can take in the geometry and color of the environment and deliver to our perception a revitalized sense of presence.  John Muir wrote in 1911, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”

In this context, I encourage you to re-discover the treasures which bring us all, collectively, into a realization of thanksgiving.  Peace and health be yours!

Photos by Donna Steinbach