Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races Dates, Featured Marques Set

Put in Bay Sports Car RacesPut-in-Bay Sports Car Races, Tuesday through Thursday September 19-21, 2023, will honor Japanese marques with expanded vehicle eligibilities for the very first time. Held on an historic Lake Erie island, this unique vintage racing event has always featured a heritage focus.

For 2023, organizers plan a celebration of Japanese car brands and their collective role in motorsports, in addition to the traditional lineup of entries.

Datsun/Nissan, Honda, Mazda and Toyota entrants built 1990 and prior will be eligible for a “featured marque” discount and join the traditional Put-in-Bay race groups generally comprising 1973 and earlier cars. Hence first-generation Mazda Miatas, rotary powered RX7s, Toyota MR2 coupes and similar under-3 liter, pre-1991 cars driven by experienced vintage racers will now be able to take part in “the Holy Grail of Old-School Vintage Racing.”

1968 Datsun Roadster
1990 Mazda Miata
1990 Toyota Celica GT-S
1971 Datsun 510








[images courtesy SVRA and Classic Motorsports]

“By opening entry eligibility to enthusiasts of the next generation of small-bore sports cars and sedans we feel we are staying true to the concept of the original Put-in-Bay Road Races while also expanding our ‘reach’ to a broader group of vintage racers,” said event coordinator Manley Ford.  Adding that the annual Put-in-Bay event has entry options for both racing- and non-racing participants, Ford notes, “We also expect to attract a broader slate of street-car entries and spectators as well.”

For those not familiar with the Put-in-Bay event, here are a few things that make it unique:

  • Small-bore sports cars raced the narrow streets of the island from 1952-1959 and one ‘last time’ in 1963.
  • Vintage Races held at the Put-in-Bay Airport since 2012 (except 2020).
  • Today’s challenging and competitive 1.2-mile hay-bale lined course rewards precise braking and nimble handling on a pristine surface that offers excellent grip, numerous passing opportunities, and varieties of racing lines.
  • Besides two days of racing, there is also an all-entrant’s car show, police-escorted tour-laps of the original 3.1-mile road course, social gatherings. and the highly competitive and entertaining “rocker cover races.”

Registration is now open.  See www.pibroadrace.com for registration materials and further details about eligibility.  Early registration discount expires June 1, 2023.

Put-in-Bay Winter Walk Refreshes Mindset

A winter walk at Put-in-Bay reveals natural beauty, clears mental cobwebs, and celebrates island life.  While most of the U.S. population finds itself ensconced amidst urban landscapes, Bass Islands residents live amidst rewarding natural vistas.

Today’s excursion highlights impressive scenes stretching from South Bass Island’s west shore ice ramp to Buckeye Island at Scheef East Point Nature Preserve.  Walk with PiBDaily via the photos below!

A Woods Walk is Good!

A woods walk in December provides a nice reminder to make time for the quieter side of the season–to enjoy stillness and absorb the calm.  Below, three poets–Longfellow, Malloch, and O’Connel George–create an addendum to the Story Walk at Dodge Woods Preserve.


Alas! how changed from the fair scene,
 When birds sang out their mellow lay,  And winds were soft, and woods were green, And the song ceased not with the day!

I sometimes think that thus was born the world—Not like a blinding sun from chaos hurled To blaze and burn for ages—that it woke As wakes the forest, wakes the verdant oak, Breathing soft breezes, wreathed in lacy mist Through which there burst the gleam of amethyst.

I’m practicing my I-belong-here no-twig-snap no-leaf-rustle no-branch-crack see-all, know-all float-like-fog like-smoke pine-needle-soft forest walk. 

No one will know I’m coming.
No one will know when I’m gone.