Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races Update 2021 Race Schedule

Sports Car RacesThe Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races schedule has been pushed back one day thanks to the weather. Essentially all activities that were to take place Wednesday 9/22 and Thursday 9/23 will take place one day later, Thursday 9/23 and Friday 9/24.
The rough weather forces us to move our planned Wednesday-Thursday race schedule to Thursday-Friday; it also behooves us to tighten up the schedule where we can.
We plan to do this by using a ”rolling” schedule, designed to provide our race entrants the safe and enjoyable practice-, qualifying- and race-sessions they expect AND to complete our races on Friday as early as we can, so those who have to leave the island Friday can do so. Obviously a tall order… so flexibility, attentiveness, communication, cooperation, and coordination will be paramount behaviors for the enjoyment of all!
A “rolling” schedule means we will generally follow the SEQUENCE of events outlined in the official racing activities schedule, BUT we will — as best as possible — move from one session to the next as quickly as prudent track management can allow, thus gaining time as we go. We will also tighten up the time spent on non-track activities.

Ford Broncos Swarm at Put-in-Bay

Photo by Amanda Downey

Ford Broncos are a model line of a sport utility vehicle  built and marketed by Ford. The Broncos were sold from 1966 to 1996. A sixth generation is sold for the 2021 model year. With the Bronco’s beefy V8 engines, this rugged off-road vehicle remains family friendly.

Host Tim Prince gathers Broncos of all kinds to the island every year. The owners proudly show off these rare vehicles for a meet & greet, raffles, trophies, parade, pig roast, and group photos.     By Amada Downey

Photo by Amanda Downey

Photo by Amanda Downey

Experience the Heritage of Road Racing at Put-in-Bay Airport

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Road Racing at Put-in-Bay evolves into excitement at Put-in-Bay Airport (3w2)!  Be a part of the legendary action and continuing history.   Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races began as a small reunion in 2009 to celebrate and capture the history of the original Put-in-Bay Road Races held on the narrow streets of South Bass Island in the 1950s and early ‘60s. Evolving from “Reunion” to “Racing” by 2012 at the Put-in-Bay Airport, the event draws racing entrants from all over North America.