Put-in-Bay Properties Deserve Yardworks!

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Put-in-Bay’s two nor’easters will have Yardworks playing a real life game of ‘Pick Up Sticks’ as they begin debris cleanup across the island.

Call  Yardworks at 419-285-2147 to start a game in your yard.  New customers are still welcome for the upcoming mowing season as well.  Contact Yardworks today!

Put in Bay YardworksProperty MaintenanceE-mail:  yardworkspib “at”yahoo.com

Windy Winter Cleanup Time!

Put in Bay lawn careThis past winter was one of the windiest ever, leaving an abundance of leaves, sticks and tree limbs in yards across the island.Put in Bay lawn care

Put in Bay YardworksYardworks is ready to tackle the cleanup for you;  removing leaves from garden beds, picking up sticks from lawns, and disposing of felled trees and limbs.   It Put in Bay lawn carewon’t be long before your grass will need to be mowed, will your yard be ready?  Give  Yardworks a call to have your yard cleaned before cutting.  419-285-2147.  E-mail:  yardeworkspib “at” yahoo.com.

Playboy Club Scouts Put-in-Bay

Put in Bay land

Playboy Club tract by goldenegg.survey

Playboy at Put in BayPlayboy Enterprises, which claims it has proudly raised eyebrows and changed history, might establish a Playboy Club at Put-in-Bay.  Sources familiar with recent survey work and landscaping–just north of Chapman Road–report Club representatives put special emphasis on this tract of land during a Valentine’s Day visit to South Bass Island.  This news confirms a recent report in the Chicago Tribune (28 March 2019) that Scott Flanders, new CEO of Playboy Enterprises, Inc., “will be placing his bet on two long overshadowed operations: product licensing and Playboy clubs.”  Another executive from the company reports, “Playboy is in the midst of a very good year. Profits are up 25 percent, and Playboy sees lots of opportunities to expand, particularly in the U.S.”

Put in Bay land

Playboy Club tract by goldenegg.survey

The move to expand Playboy into the Midwest comes at a time when the #MeToo campaign is changing the social landscape.  Medium, an online publishing platform, released a “Gentleman’s Guide” last summer to review the new-old rules of sexual engagement.  The John Birch Society, ultra-conservative “seed-bank of the right” according to Andrew Reinbach writing in Huffington Post, claims Playboy founder Hugh Hefner contributed to the demise of American morality.

Meanwhile, Playboy Club advertising promises, “four distinct environments that unveil unique experiences as you access the passages within. The iconic Playboy Bunnies will remain at the center of every moment, serving artisanal cocktails and world-class culinary creations.  Guests start out at the Playboy Bar which hosts an ornate gilded bar and contemporary DJ Booth. From there, one enters the Lounge, a decadent setting inspired by the heritage of the world-renowned Playboy Mansion.”







Ready to experience this at Put-in-Bay?  Only if you are an April Fool!  😉