Put-in-Bay Properties Deserve Yardworks!

Property MaintenanceSticks & StonesProperty Maintenance

Put-in-Bay’s two nor’easters will have Yardworks playing a real life game of ‘Pick Up Sticks’ as they begin debris cleanup across the island.

Call  Yardworks at 419-285-2147 to start a game in your yard.  New customers are still welcome for the upcoming mowing season as well.  Contact Yardworks today!

Put in Bay YardworksProperty MaintenanceE-mail:  yardworkspib “at”yahoo.com

Windy Winter Cleanup Time!

Put in Bay lawn careThis past winter was one of the windiest ever, leaving an abundance of leaves, sticks and tree limbs in yards across the island.Put in Bay lawn care

Put in Bay YardworksYardworks is ready to tackle the cleanup for you;  removing leaves from garden beds, picking up sticks from lawns, and disposing of felled trees and limbs.   It Put in Bay lawn carewon’t be long before your grass will need to be mowed, will your yard be ready?  Give  Yardworks a call to have your yard cleaned before cutting.  419-285-2147.  E-mail:  yardeworkspib “at” yahoo.com.

Subtle Signs of Spring Detected

Put in Bay spring

Lingering Witch Hazel

Bright sunshine, an air temperature of 54°F, and singing birds all support the notion that spring is here, as well as the fact that it is now April!

Put in Bay spring

Crew’s Nest bouquet

However, subtler indications appear around South Bass Island as well.  PiBDaily captured a few . . .

Put in Bay spring

Buzzards return

Put in Bay spring

Boat unwrapped!

Put in Bay spring

Island Transportation prep!

Put in Bay spring

Busting through autumn remnants

Put in Bay spring

“I think I can!”

Put in Bay spring

Fresh Township pavement

Put in Bay spring

Yardworks: 419-285-2147

Put in Bay spring

Snowbells ring out winter

Put in Bay spring

Time to ride!

Spring Snow Surprise

Light overnight accumulation, flurries, March snow put in bay and frozen lake spray remind Bass Islanders that spring hasn’t sprung. waves

cold duck There’s even a “cold duck” in the harbor!




National Weather Service Cleveland OH 156 PM
Clouds will start to break up this evening and overnight as high pressure starts to build in.  The last of the snow showers will end this evening over northwest Pennsylvania.  Most areas will be clear skies by early Monday morning and temperatures will tank.  We will start out Monday morning in the lower and middle 20s. skies are expected on Monday with cool weather.  Highs will be only the lower 40s with sunshine and a very light south wind.