USCG Cutter Morro Bay Overnights at Put-in-Bay

USCG Cutter Morro Bay (WTGB-106) docked at Put-in-Bay on Saturday afternoon.  A sister-ship, USCG Cutter Neah Bay (WTGB 105), visited Put-in-Bay on 9 July 2021.  Morro Bay’s home port is also Cleveland, Ohio.

The 140-foot Bay Class Cutters are state of the art icebreakers. Named after American Bays, the ships are stationed mainly in the northeast United States and the Great Lakes.

WTGBs use a low pressure air hull lubrication or bubbler system forcing air and water between the hull and ice. This system improves ice-breaking capabilities by reducing resistance against the hull and reducing horsepower requirements.

Superyacht SCOUT Visits Put-in-Bay

Superyacht SCOUT arrives at Put-in-Bay harbor on Wednesday afternoon.  Due to its immense size, it anchors here rather than tying up at a dock-side berth.  James Berwind and his partner, Kevin Clark, own the vessel.  SCOUT is 209’1′ in length, has a 38’1″ beam, a draft of 10.6 feet, and carries an aluminum superstructure on a steel hull.  Power comes from 1575 horsepower Caterpillar engines, providing a maximum speed of 14.8 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots. Click image to enlarge!

Sonny-S, 50.5′, cruises past SCOUT to Middle Bass Island

Lake Erie Barge a Testament to Maritime Business

Lake Erie, well-known for marine sporting activities, fierce storms, and gigantic lake freighters, continues to present a dynamic environment on all three fronts.

This week, the barge CROW rests inside Put-in-Bay Harbor at night after a full day’s work along South Bass Island’s west shore.  Nestled in-between the mooring field and Gibraltar Island, CROW floats massive equipment with the somber stillness of a sleeping giant. One must imagine the crane’s dinosaur-like growl . . .