Yardworks Has Shrub-Shaping Solutions

Yardworks has the experience and sharp blades to get all shrubs back into shape.  Expert trimmer Dan will craft your shrubs into any geometric shape you  desire.
Now is the time to get those shaggy shrubs back into shape.  It’s good for their overall health as well as your yard’s aesthetics.

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Give Yardworks a call at 419-285-2147 or send e-mail to yardworkspib “at” yahoo.com today.

Pruning Time at Put-in-Bay

Put in Bay yard careTrimming back, or pruning, is a necessary garden task in order to reap beautiful summer blooms.  Perennials like hydrangeas and roses should be pruned and fertilized now, before the forsythia finish blooming.  Both roses and hydrangeas follow a set of pruning guidelines to ensure successful new growth.  Not certain what the rules are? Don’t want to deal with the thorns? Yardworks does!

Put in Bay yard carePut in Bay yard care


Give Yardworks a call for all your pruning needs.  419-285-2147 or e-mail  yardworkspib “at” yahoo.com


Landscaping Success Story at Put-in-Bay

Put in Bay lawn careYardworks–25 years of working hard with a little fun too!

Yardworks is a family owned landscaping company serving the residents and businesses of Put in Bay since 1994.  Yardworks does more than just mow grass.  Other services offered include mulching of flower beds, shrub trimming, fertilizing, flower planting/maintenance, herbicide application, and watering to name a few.  A hard-working crew with a sense of humor gets the job done at Yardworks–from working in the rain, mowing in the dark, or playing in the mulch.  Give Yardworks a call today for any or all your island landscaping needs.

419-285-2147 or e-mail at yardworkspib “at” yahoo.com

Put in Bay lawn carePut in Bay lawn carePut in Bay lawn carePut in Bay Yardworks

Yardworks Adds Floral Pot Spots for Landscape Diversity

Put in Bay gardenLooking to add a stunning bright spot in your landscape?  Don’t want to contend with the whole garden thing?  Or just need to add some pizazz to your deck or patio?  Yardworks has the potted solution for you!  Yardworks combines a variety of unique colors, textured flowers, and foliage to makePut in Bay Landscape any area of your yard shine.  Garden pots are easy to maintain, come in all shapes and sizes, and can be planted for sun, part sun or shady locations.  Give Yardworks a call today to see what floral magic they can bring to your yard.  Phone:  419-285-2147 or e-mail at yardworkspib “at” yahoo.com.

Put in Bay Yardworks

YARDWORKS Keeps South Bass Island Beautiful

Put in Bay landscapeYardworks knows that fall is right around the bend and the leaves will soon come tumbling down, even though September has felt like August.  The Yardworks Leaf Cleanup List is wide open, so let Yardworks put your property on it.  Yardworks has the equipment and work force to pick up your leaves quickly and efficiently.  Yardworks Put in Bay landscapingcomposts all leaves, never burns them, and makes rich organic loam for next year’s use.  It’s also the perfect time to plant trees, shrubs, perennial flowers and spring bulbs.  Free estimates are available.

Put in Bay Yardworks

There’s no playing around at YARDWORKS!

“Leaf” it to Yardworks for all your autumn landscape needs.

Call 419-285-2147 or send e-mail to yardworkspib “at” yahoo.com