Students and School Active During Summer

Put in Bay SchoolPut-in-Bay School News – by Steve Poe, Superintendent

Though it is summer, many of our students are taking advantage of learning opportunities outside our school calendar year.  Ms. Riley Conway is teaching elementary students in summer school for six weeks; seniors Joseph Byrnes and Alexandra Knauer recently returned from Buckeye Boys State and Buckeye Girls State, respectively; and juniors Nora Ladd, Elena Schroeder, and Lucy Schneider spent a week at the Hugh O’Brian Leadership Program last month.  We also have students taking on-line courses and courses for college credit on Gibraltar Island.  Way to go, students!

Put in Bay School

On June 16, senior Joe Byrnes returned from a week at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, this year’s host for Buckeye Boys State.  Joe said he came back with a new appreciation in how our government works.  The highlight of the week for him was being the sole sponsor of two bills that passed the Senate unanimously while serving on the Economic Development Committee.  “Many bills that were introduced did not pass, so it was a very gratifying accomplishment.”

Our Buckeye Girls State representative Alexandra Knauer said, “This was a wonderful leadership experience I will value for a long time.  I loved my roles as a County Nationalist Chairman and as a clerk for county commissioners.  I learned the governmental process quickly and felt good in what we accomplished in a short period of time.  I also met many nice people along the way.” Buckeye Girls State was held at Ohio Northern University.

The Hugh O’Brian Leadership Program hosts over two hundred future leaders entering their junior year in high school.  Here are just a few things our students had to say about their experience at the Hugh O’Brien Leadership Program that was held at Ohio Northern University last month:

Nora Ladd – “It was fun to be around people who were not afraid to express their opinions. I also liked hearing all the ambitions each student had for their future.”

Elena Schroeder – “This was a life changing opportunity, I loved it!  One of our guest speakers, Tony Thompson, was outstanding.  He talked about not waiting and challenged us to jump into leadership now.  The best thing of all was meeting other students who shared your values and passion.

Lucy Schneider – “I loved the atmosphere and met some really cool people.  We plan to stay in touch and get together again!”

Summer is a time for completing a long “to-do” list of maintenance projects.  That list includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Paint hallways, multi-purpose room, and kitchen
  • Wax all tile floors
  • Shampoo all carpets, runners, rugs, and furniture
  • Power wash building, clean all windows, clear all downspouts
  • Inspect sprinkler and fire alarm systems

Summer is also a time for us to review and update board policies and student handbooks.  Last summer we made a number of changes in our student discipline code, most notably changing from a demerit system to a level system.  We developed a reward system, as well.  Student handbooks are sent home the first day of school each year for parents to become familiar.  These handbooks are reviewed and approved by our board of education every summer.  If you have any questions about our 2019-20 rules, policies, or procedures prior to school starting, please call the school at 419-285-3614.

Parents planning to withdraw or enroll a student should do so prior to school starting so we can plan accordingly.

Please mark your calendar with the scheduled vacation days this coming year.  We encourage families to be familiar with our attendance policy and Ohio House Bill 410 requirements when scheduling family vacations and/or appointments.  The 2019-20 school calendar:

  • September 3 First Day of School
  • October 19 – 21 (Appointment Day)
  • November 27 – Dec 1 (Thanksgiving Break)
  • December 21 – January 5 (Christmas Break)
  • February 22 – March 1 (Winter Break)
  • April 10 – 14  (Spring Break)
  • May 23 – 25 (Memorial Day)
  • May 28 Last Day of School
  • May 29 Graduation

Put-in-Bay School Closes Academic Year on High Notes

Put in Bay SchoolPut-in-Bay School News – by Steve Poe, Superintendent

Congratulations to the graduates of 2019.  This year’s graduation ceremony was held at the Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial on Friday, May 24. Addressing this year’s graduating class was Mr. Dan Kowalski.  Dan is a 1980 graduate of Put-in-Bay School. He attended Bowling Green /State University, and in 1984 Dan earned a Bachelor of Science in physics.  He followed with a Master’s in physics from Kent State University.  Mr. Kowalski started teaching math at Put-in-Bay School in 1987 and just finished his thirty-second year.  Affectionately known as “Mr. K” by his students, he has become an icon of Put-in-Bay School.  He and his wife Valerie have four children and own a successful lawn care business on the island.

Students in the Class of 2019 have ambitious plans after graduation:

Put in Bay High School Graduation

Max Schneider, Matthew Stacy, Lauren Peter, Jack Booker

Jack Booker will attend Bowling Green State University in the fall.  He plans to major in business and sales.  He hopes to one day work as a pharmaceutical salesman and/or venture back home to work for the family business.  He plans to travel the world and also give back to his island community.

Lauren Peter will continue her education at Lourdes University, majoring in nursing.  She will also continue her basketball career; she earned a scholarship to play for Lourdes.  Lauren strives for a BSN and hopes to become a nurse anesthetist.  She is excited to be a part of a field that helps save peoples’ lives.

Max Schneider heads to  Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, for a degree in Computer Science.  He looks forward to his new adventures as he works to become a programmer after college.

Matthew Stacy will join the workforce, training to become a manager in the family business–Erie Petroleum.  He will take online business classes to further his education and plans to attend Emergency Medical Training classes on the island.

Graduation last month was a memorable one.  We would like to thank the staff at the Perry Victory and International Peace Memorial for providing the beautiful venue for this event.  We would also like to thank our scholarship donors for providing over $31,000 in local scholarships for our graduates.  The following is a list of scholarships our graduates received:

Jack Booker       Ricky Dysert Memorial Scholarship

Genoa Bank Scholarship

John W. Blatt Scholarship

Fitzgerald Family Scholarship

Kurt Rohrbacher Memorial Scholarship

Heineman Memorial Scholarship

Lauren Peter      Magruder Hospital Scholarship

Cameo Pizza Scholarship

Browns Backers Scholarship

Jeremy Harlan, “Jer Bear” Memorial Scholarship

Max Schneider  Acorn Sportsman Club Scholarship

Mayor’s Scholarship

Earl Johnson Scholarship

Browns Backers Scholarship

Jack Matia Scholarship

Jeffery Verhoff Memorial Scholarship

The Perry Group Scholarship

Lee Miller Scholarship

Lonz Foundation Scholarship

Major Milestones

On April 17 senior, Max Schneider was recognized for his academic achievements at the Ottawa County Top Ten Banquet.  Max is this year’s Valedictorian and recipient of the Earl Johnson Scholarship.  He is the son of John and Katie Schneider, long-time residents on Middle Bass Island.  Congratulations Max!

Junior, Morgan Stacy was presented with the Ottawa County “Nine-to-Five” award on May 3 at Mon Ami restaurant.  She was among the students from the six other schools demonstrating exceptional improvement from last September, the ninth month, to May, the fifth month; hence “nine-to-five.”   In addition, Morgan was recognized as a “Star Student” at Vanguard for her dedication, passion, hard work, and exemplary attitude.  Most recently, she earned “Student of the Fourth Quarter,” too.  Way to go, Morgan!

Max Schneider, along with junior Alexandra Knauer and sophomore Elena Schroeder traveled to The Ohio State University on May 11 to participate in the State Science Fair.  Each of them began their journey by competing in our local science fair held at in February where they received overall superior ratings.  They then moved on to compete at the District Science Fair, held at the University of Toledo in March, where they again earned superior ratings to qualify for State.  At the State competition Max and Alexandra earned superior ratings and Elena received an excellent rating.  This is an extremely impressive accomplishment!  Congratulations Max, Alexandra, and Elena!

The Put-in-Bay High School Sailing Club had a great spring season. A new club for the school last year, we have competed in three seasons now. High school sailing is both a fall and spring sport, and the Midwest Conference allows 7th and 8th graders to compete in some events alongside the 9th-12th graders.  We had seven students on our team this year:  Alex Knauer, Nora Ladd, Talii Steidl, Kate Byrnes, Macy Ladd, Hope Cooks and Emil Michael. This spring season we had fantastic weather for practices and traveled to three regattas, one in Cleveland and two in Columbus.  Competing against teams from all over Ohio, Michigan and sometimes New York, our team had some great finishes and continued to improve. Our final regatta, the Westerville Classic, held at Hoover Sailing Club, brought us wind and challenging conditions, but our team sailed their best event yet and finished 9th out of 17. We even were highlighted in a clip about island living produced by Detroit PBS/Great Lakes Now! You can watch the video on YouTube at   The team is looking forward to their summer sailing to help prepare for the fall season!

The Board of Education adopted the school calendar for 2019-2020.

Please mark your calendars for the 2019-2020 School Year:

  • Tuesday, September 3 – First Day of School
  • Monday, October 21 – No School
  • November 27 – 29 – No School, Thanksgiving Break
  • Friday, December 20 – Early Dismissal
  • December 21 – Jan 5 – No School, Christmas Break
  • Friday, February 21 – Early Dismissal
  • February 22 – March 1 – No School, Winter Break
  • April 10 – April 14 – No School, Spring Break
  • Friday, May 22 – Early Dismissal
  • Monday, May 25 – No School, Memorial Day
  • Thursday, May 28  – Early Dismissal, Last Day of School

Put-in-Bay Graduates Celebrate Past and Future

Put in Bay High School Graduation

Jack Booker, Lauren Peter, Max Schneider, Matthew Stacy

Put in Bay High School GraduationPut-in-Bay High School Commencement 2019, celebrated at the Perry Monument, acknowledged academic accomplishments and promised the class of four seniors a “future with endless possibilities.”

Put in Bay High School Graduation

Put-in-Bay Board of Education

Put in Bay High School Graduation

Commencement Speaker Dan Kowalski

Put in Bay High School Graduation

Valedictorian Max Schneider

Put in Bay High School Graduation

Salutatorian Lauren Peter

Put in Bay High School Graduation

Students promoted to 9th grade

Put in Bay High School Graduation

Put in Bay School Choir

School Year Approaches Closing Days

Put in Bay SchoolSchool News – by Steve Poe, Superintendent

It is hard to believe we are preparing for the end of another school year.  Our high school students have their prom on May 4.  The Spring Concert and Art Show is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14, at 6:30pm, and the annual Awards Day is set for Friday, May 17.  These events are sure signs that we are closing on another school year.  Completing the school year will be Graduation on Friday, May 24 at 6:30pm at the Perry Monument.

Congratulations to Max Schneider for being this year’s senior class Valedictorian.  He is the  son of John and Katie Schneider.  Max was recognized for his academic accomplishments at last month’s Ottawa County Top Ten Banquet.  His honored educator is Mr. Dan Kowalski, Max’s math teacher.  Lauren Peter is the Salutatorian this year.  Lauren is the daughter of Tony and Darla Peter.  Each of these students will speak at graduation.  Congratulations!

Max Schneider, Alexandra Knauer, and Elena Schroeder will compete against the top science minds in Ohio on May 11 at the State Science Fair.  Congratulations on a tremendous accomplishment and good luck in Columbus!  Elena Schroeder will be attending the “National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine” from June 23 to July 1 at the University of Maryland.  This highly selective week- long program will allow her the opportunity to explore the many careers in the medical profession.  Congratulations Elena!  The Vanguard Tech Center recently announced that junior Morgan Stacy was one of April’s “Star Students!”  Morgan’s hard work ethic and attitude in the culinary program earned her this recognition.  Congratulations Morgan!

On April 25 our seniors returned from their senior class trip to Alaska.  All agreed this was an unbelievable experience!   All this was made possible from six years of fund-raising.  The seniors thank everyone who supported their efforts over the years!

On April 30 our eighth graders travelled to Gettysburg and Washington D.C. for four days to see historical sites and learn more about our nation’s history.  History teacher Craig Schuffenecker accompanies our students each year on this fantastic opportunity.  We would like to thank the Seneca East School District for allowing us to partner with them on this trip.

For students involved in extra-curricular activities, Dr. Brett Kuns will once again be offering free medical examinations.  The date for the physical exams is Wednesday, May 15.  A schedule and forms will be sent home prior to this date for parents to complete.  PLEASE SEND IN COMPLETED EXAM FORMS PRIOR TO MAY 15.

The second week of May is Staff Appreciation Week.  Our teachers and support staff do a fantastic job and we want to thank them for their hard work and dedication.  We are blessed to have such a talented group of professionals in our school system.  The next time you see one of them, say, “thank you.”

On Friday, May 24, school will be dismissed at noon for Memorial Day weekend.  Graduation will be held that evening at 6:30pm at the Perry Monument.

Malley’s Chocolate Sales to Support Put-in-Bay School Students

Malley's Chocolate Put in Bay

Put-in-Bay School Class of 2020 will sell Malley’s candy and chocolates as a fundraiser for their senior year trip.  To order, you may contact one of the class members by Monday, 25 March 2019, or go directly to Malley’s on the World Wide Web.  Online sales continue until April 15th. Online orders over $65 (to one address) will ship for free directly to you.  If you have questions, call Put-in-Bay School at 419.285.3614.