Put-in-Bay Panthers Engage Tough Competitors

Put-in-Bay Panther basketball teams competed with dynamic performance, but they did not realize a win against Oak Harbor boys or Emmanuel Christian girls.  In spite of enthusiastic play, the boys lost 21-54 in the first game; the girls fell short 24-46.  A supportive crowd and energetic cheerleaders, as well as vigorous play-by-play commentary by announcer Joe Byrnes, kept the energy level high.  The photos below underscore the physical nature of both contests.

Panther Basketball 1-2 for the Day

Put-in-Bay Panther Basketball teams played with fervor on Saturday, but only came away with one win out of three games.  The girls beat Bowling Green Christian Lions 45-24, while the boys lost 12-48.  The junior high team lost to Fasset Middle school 37-39.  The contests were heated from start to finish, with several players hitting 3-point shots.  Action shots below . . .

Put-in-Bay Panthers Tenacious in Loss to Margaretta

Put-in-Bay Panthers girls played energetically against the Margaretta Lady Bears, but they failed to keep pace and lost 28 to 57 on Saturday morning.

Joe Byrnes, former Panther player, provided play-by-play commentary as the Put-in-Bay School spirit team led the crowd in a new series of chants.  The boys and junior high teams did not compete today.  More basketball is scheduled for next Saturday, 15 January 2022.

Put-in-Bay School Students Return to Classes After Covid Outbreak

Students are to Return to School on Monday, December 13.

Put-in-Bay School Superintendent Steve Poe reports the following:

Students should return to school if they meet ALL the following criteria:

          No symptoms of Covid, a flu or cold
          Have either been fully vaccinated or will wear a mask
          Do not live in a household with someone who has tested positive for Covid.

If you do live in a household with someone who has tested positive, you have remained quarantined for 7 days, have tested negative, and show no symptoms.

After testing positive for Covid, you have met the required 10 days of isolation, have tested negative, and show no symptoms.

Students not able to return to school due to one of more of the above criteria, will be ‘excused’ from school and given the opportunity to make up their school work and/or participate in class via Zoom (if they feel well enough). 

When absent, students/parents are to communicate with each of their teachers for assignments and due dates by checking Progress Book and school email daily.  All school work should be turned in electronically or may be dropped off in the school foyer.


All after-school activities during the week of Dec. 13 through Dec. 17 are cancelled.

The Holiday Concert will be postponed to a later date.

Great Lakes Islands Basketball Teams Maintain Trophy Record

[updated at 6:51pm]Beaver Island Islanders boys team won their third Great Lakes Islands Basketball Competition on Saturday against the resilient Put-in-Bay Panthers, 53-43.

The Put-in-Bay Panthers girls team captured a third straight trophy by winning 39-15 against a spirited Beaver Islands squad.

It must be noted, however, Mackinac Lakers and Washington Island did not compete this year due to Covid.  Highlights from the closing competition of the Third Annual Great Lakes Islands Tournament follow!










































Put-in-Bay and Beaver Island Split First Round of Basketball

In exciting and competitive games played on Friday evening, Put-in-Bay Panthers and Beaver Island Islanders each celebrated a victory and bemoaned a loss.  The girls Panthers won 48-22. The boys Panthers held it close at 50.8 seconds with a six-point deficit.  In spite of heroic effort by Doug Steidl, the Panther boys lost, 37-41.  A second round of games begins at 10:45 this morning.

Prior to the first round of games, the Put-in-Bay Community welcomed Beaver Island with a ceremonious Christmas display illumination.  Extraordinary lights, a sing-along, and hot chocolate created a splendid atmosphere.  During half-times, the audience witnessed enlivening performances by baton twirlers, cheerleaders, and dancers.

Below are photos from the night’s first games of the 2021 Great Lakes Islands Basketball Tournament. Click on any image for the enlarged view!