Put-in-Bay Township Board of Trustees Move Forward with Ottawa County Sheriff Contract

Put-in-Bay Township Board of TrusteesPut-in-Bay Township Board of Trustees, in a special meeting held at 8am today, authorize funding to provide housing and police cruisers for the Ottawa County Sheriff’s contract approved in December 2022.


Put-in-Bay Township Board of Trustees
Laurie Miller, Fiscal Officer, addresses Trustees Chris Cooper and Matt Miller.

Two condominium units and two police vehicles (used black Ford Interceptors) were identified in motions for payment by the Put-in-Bay Township Trustees.  Township purchase orders for December 2022, bills payment, and bank reconciliation receive “yes” votes, too.


The Trustees also voted to make a final payment to Put-in-Bay Village for 2022 Police service, pending legal review.

The two-year contract with Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office costs $750,000.  The previous, five-year contract with Put-in-Bay Village was $298,000.  While the November 2022 levy for police funding failed in a certified tie vote of 194-194, Township Trustees explain funding for the new contract comes from previous savings, a grant from the Ohio Department of Public Safety, and $50,000 remaining from the Covid-19 CARES Act.

Mr. Miller said, “The Trustees always look forward to working with The Village and the community at large to provide the best possible police service for Put-in-Bay.”  Mr. Cooper pointed out the mutual aid service provided by a single dispatcher and the lack of jurisdictional conflicts will serve both entities well.

Put-in-Bay Police Commission Closing in on Policing Agreement

Put in Bay Village

Photo by Kathi Spayde

Update: 30 September 2022

Per Township Trustee Chris Cooper,  “A proposal for police services is hoped for by October. Nothing has been finalized or decided regarding whether or not the Township will go with the Sheriff or the Village. The word ‘agreement’ in the original post is causing some confusion with some residents.”

Village Mayor Jessica Dress opened the Put-in-Bay Police Commission meeting on Tuesday evening by reporting the Village and Township have met to discuss the contract for policing in the Township.  Both Dress and Put-in-Bay Township Trustee Chris Cooper note they hope to have an agreement by the beginning of October.

Put in Bay TownshipThe Township’s major requirements are the presence (not necessarily on duty) of one officer on Middle Bass during the three summer months and two officers in the Township during the summer.

Mr. Cooper confirms a very small number of calls for Police assistance come from Middle Bass Island–roughly 9% of the 39% of Township calls.  He stated more patrols have been witnessed in the Township, but police response to calls needs to be improved.  A Put-in-Bay Police officer in attendance explained the Village Police routine is to complete a Village patrol and then ride into and patrol the Township.

Ms. Joey Wolfe, Put-in-Bay Township Police Levy spokesperson, repeatedly noted that during Levy meetings the Middle Bass residents indicated police service currently provided is acceptable.  $220,000 to $260,000 is anticipated from the Township Police Levy, if it passes.

Village Council Member Judy Berry points out Village parking fees should be anticipated for 2023.  Assuring that Resort Tax payments are made by businesses is being pursued with the State.

In summary, Mr. Cooper confirms the final agreement with the Village will be compared to an agreement provided by the County Sheriff.  The agreements, along with results from the Township Police Tax Levy ballot, will be used to determine the best way for the Township to proceed.  Mayor Dress stated no future Police Commission Committee Meetings are planned.

Reported by Put-in-Bay Property Association representative Kathi Spayde.